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Land of the Lost


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Sci-Fi



Palaeontologist Rick Marshall takes Will and Holly into a new world of danger, dinosaurs and big bug-eyed lizard people while trying to find their way back home and, too, save the universe and in doing so saving his reputation. With the dinosaur with brains, brawn and personality and the adventure of scientific advancement and exotic beasts in a far away land, it all adds up to time traveling fun and frolics.


Brad Silberling


Will Ferrell
as Dr. Rick Marshall
Danny McBride
as Will Stanton
Matt Lauer
as Himself
Bobb'e J. Thompson
as Tar Pits Kid
Sierra McCormick
as Tar Pits Kid

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by john-kim-howard 6 /10

What did you expect??

I could tell from the trailers that if you were not a committed Will Ferrell fan, or stoned out of your mind, that this movie would probably be trashed by the experts. You either find his absurd comedy funny or find it a senseless insult to your intelligence. For me, there were a couple times when I really laughed out loud (and I was sober as a judge), most of the time I simply had a smile on my face as I watched the master make a complete fool of himself - which is what Will Ferrell does. I read some of these in-depth critiques in utter amazement. I mean, really, what were you expecting to see? It is a very light hearted spoof of one of the most ridiculous TV series in history. Generally, I thought it was funny, we've been repeating some of the funnier, albeit, totally ridiculous scenes all day. I do strongly caution parents with children. When Will Ferrell says PG-13 he isn't kidding. Sexual innuendo and drug references are going to be quite uncomfortable for the prudish crowd.

Reviewed by michaelarmer 8 /10

Land of the 50's

What some reviewers on here don't understand is that this was deliberately made in a 50's style with cheesy characters and dubious special effects, to mock that style, and they give it a low rating because they didn't understand this because they are thick!

It is actually a very good Sci-Fi Comedy, Will Ferrell does his usual hamming it up in the lead role very well, Anna Friel is excellent as his gullible and innocent "fan" scientist, Danny McBride is great as the stupid "trailer trash" guy, who despite being a bit rough has good intentions and Jorma Taccone does a good Chaka under all the hair. John Boylan's voice is perfect as the 50's style domineering alien.

Direction is excellent, they keep it to the same 1950's formula almost throughout, It is well timed with great scenes and good photography, my only complaint about that is that they included a couple of music clips that came from the late 1960's, however they did seem to fit the scenes, and the film score was very good.

My favorite scenes are the after when Will Ferrell states that T-Rex has a brain the size of a Walnut and later the Intelligent T-Rex drops a giant Walnut outside the cave entrance where they are staying, where the bug sucks blood out of Will Ferrell when he is trying to play the banjo, and when they drink the juice out of a fruit which turns out to be a narcotic and 'All Along The Watchtower' by The Jimi Hendrix Experience kicks in (A song usually associated with drug taking), and at the end in the interview with Matt Lauer where Will Ferrell puts him down as a payback for an earlier interview where Matt Lauer puts down Will Ferrell.

Lighten up reviewers this is one of the best Sci-Fi comedies going.

Reviewed by bvrhodes 8 /10

Watch and decide for yourself.

This movie is definitely better then most of the reviews on this page have been saying. From reading the comments it seems like it is mostly due to parents bringing their kids to see a movie including an actor from movies such as Old School and Anchorman and getting mad when they see crude humor. If you like Will Ferrell you will like most jokes in this movie, it is very funny and in my opinion close to The Hangover. This movie is not supposed to be taken seriously and as long as you don't try to compare it to the original show and go along with it you will laugh. Go in with an open mind and don't listen to the critics this movie is for sure worth checking out.

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