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Last Love


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance



Matthew Morgan is a retired American professor in his eighties, a widower. He lives in Paris and speaks no French. Since his wife's death, he's marking time. His curiosity is piqued when he meets Pauline Laubie, half his age, a dance instructor. She's also a solitary person, but wants the connection of family. She believes she's found that in Matthew, and she attends to him during a hospitalization. When his two adult children arrive from the U.S. to check on their father, they are certain Pauline is a gold digger, and she's confounded by the distance between father and children. The daughter heads home, the son remains. Is there any way that Pauline fits in?


Sandra Nettelbeck


Michael Caine
as Matthew Morgan
Clémence Poésy
as Pauline Laubie
Gillian Anderson
as Karen Morgan
Justin Kirk
as Miles Morgan
Jane Alexander
as Joan Morgan
Richard Hope
as Stamp Collector
Anne Alvaro
as Madame Léry

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by secondtake 7 /10

So sincere and well acted it rises above a good but uneven script...see it

Last Love (2013)

This is such a poignant and well meant movie it's hard to not like it and its intentions. What it fails to do is "rise above." It is a heartfelt look at finding meaning at the end—and the beginning—of life in Paris, and yet it remains somewhat prosaic, missing a beat now and then. I loved it at times, but only very much liked it by the end.

I love without reservation "Mostly Martha," the most successful movie by the director, Sandra Nettlebeck. In that one, she makes her understanding of being German, and its limitations, an important part of the movie. Here we are in France, in a plot based on a French novel, with a British actor playing an American and a young French woman. Michael Caine is nor ordinary actor and he's actually wonderful here. And indeed the young woman who plays his muse, in a way (the woman who creates the "crack" in his world that is the key to the movie), is also very good, if common (played by Clemence Poesy—she appears in a couple Harry Potter movies).

What succeeds beyond these very good performances is the idea of a man near his last days in Paris, after the death of his wife, and a young woman who befriends him out of some unexplained loneliness. What they form is an odd but believable friendship. Their family and other friends do not understand or approve, but it makes sense to them, even when it's awkward. It's a kind of brave and interesting subject.

What it lacks is exactly the right feel and touch, the sense of trueness to spirit and character that people might actually have. There are moments that are just great, a rebellion or a quiet look, and then there are moments where the characters act, well, out of character. A hair.

If this seems like picking on nuances you have to understand that the movie is about such emotional and psychological nuances. It sets its own bar high, and so suffers from that. Sometimes.

See it? Yes. I liked it wholly. But see also "Mostly Martha" for a similar sense of finding what matters, of pan-European feelings, of crossing normal boundaries with romantic flair.

Reviewed by airborne60 10 /10

An eye wetter for Michael Caine fans

Michael Caine is getting old. Playing an old man, acting or real? He is at his best. Gone is his dry humor and whit, gone is also his regular British accent (apart from a few strongly emotional scenes when he suddenly looses the American accent he is supposed to have).

This is a very odd movie, difficult to put into any frame. The acting is nothing else but superb, not a single moment without complete realism.

Watch this move alone or with your significant other, do not forget the paper napkins, because this is very emotional. My eyes are still wet, this is a movie that will remain in my mind for a long time.

Reviewed by busyhobs 9 /10

Sad but stunning

I felt compelled to write something about this title. I was initially confused by Mr Morgan's accent, which is probably the only reason this is a 9 and not a 10. This film is beautiful in every way, the story, the characters and the setting. The subject matter is quite sad, but I still felt a warm glow in my heart at the end. The French setting also adds to the sophisticated feel of this movie, giving a perfect backdrop to a complicated and endearing love story. This film is a cuddle up with a "loved one" classic. The pace is good too, slowly meandering through Mr Morgan's life after he lost his wife; subtly showing his struggle as he closes himself off from the world. You feel there is little hope until, a young dancer, opens up a crack and lets light back into his life. Anyone who likes a less conventional love story will adore this film.

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