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Let's Kill Ward's Wife


Action / Comedy / Crime



Ward's wife is a bitch. Everyone knows it. Including Ward. After numerous conversations and ruminations on the subject amongst Ward's colorful group of friends, a fortuitous accident leads to a whole new world of problems and possibilities.

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Reviewed by ferrell 9 /10

I liked it.

I thought I would like it. But then I didn't. And then I thought it was strange. So I thought I would stick with it to see where it went. After the inciting incident takes place, it starts to pick up noticeably. In the end I was glad I watched it. Some truly classically funny moments.

Now I see some people didn't like it. Well, to each his own. Some people are just not ready for this kind of movie. I told my wife it was like "Dexter" on steroids. She wanted to watch it. Just as it began to get interesting, she quit. She doesn't have my patience.

I was fascinated in the credits with all the like names. So I looked it up here and on Wikipedia. I still can't get my head around how all the actors are related to each other. Wikipedia lists the budget at $5 mil. Where did all the money go? Not to the actors, director, writer or producers. It's all on location so no studio money. I think Wikipedia got this one wrong. I'd be surprised if the film cost more that $100,000.

The movie is rude, it's crude in spots. But Foley has given us some of life's "truisms" in ways never shown before. For that I give him kudos. A worthwhile effort. I gave it a 9 to try to balance out all of the unfair negative reviews. The acting was superb. The writing really had its moments. Give it a shot.

Reviewed by sinabrazil 6 /10

Surprisingly a good movie

The only reason I watched this movie was because I thought it would be one of those comedy films with stupid jokes that for some reason we find hilarious, however I quickly realised that's not the case. It has some definite laugh out loud moments but it feels natural, as if it wasn't written to be a comedy. It's funny but without trying too hard. If you are expecting pure comedy then this isn't for you, but if you want a balanced film with humour, a half decent story line and some drama this is for you!

I liked this title for some reason despite the terrible reviews it has received, it will entertain you for the duration of the film which is actually rather short.

Reviewed by MovieSonic 7 /10

Good story, abrupt ending

I enjoyed watching this film all the way through until the end.

This is not a comedy. That must be made clear and I hope the film is not marketed as a comedy because it will receive a lot of low ratings by people expecting The Hangover (2009) when in reality this movie has more in common with The Last Supper (1995). There is plenty of humour but it comes about organically through ordinary (interesting) conversations.

I thought the film ended far too soon. It truly felt like half an hour was missing and that they had wasted Greg Grunberg's character because he was ultimately of no importance. I was expecting a huge investigation and perhaps some consequences but instead, the focus of the film was entirely on the benefits of murder.

I would give this 6.4/10 and have decided to round up due to the fact that there is some truly great writing here, terrific acting and I laughed out loud at least three or four times. Had the ending been more spectacular or of any consequence at all, I would have given it 8/10.

As it stands, great effort and well worth watching.


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