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Life Happens


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Unabashed party girl, Kim, is in for a rush of reality after a one night stand results in unexpected motherhood. Clearly not ready for the dating "buzz kill" that having a baby can bring, Kim eventually comes to realize that being a good parent to a precious little boy has its own rewards...

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Reviewed by kosmasp 7 /10

Heightened in a good sense

This is a really nice film with some great female roles in it. While I'm not an expert on women (most men aren't), I thought this was a nice depiction of living with your friends in one home. Growing up, but still wanting someone to depend on. Being adult, but not taking responsibilities for your actions. We've all been there. Is it funny though? That depends on your sense of humor.

It's nice to see the girls having fun (and sorrow) with the trouble of life (or "l!fe" as spelled in the title). Great acting then and some nice story development help this movie be above average and if you let it, it will entertain you.

Reviewed by docweaselband N/A

Despicable people who refuse to grow up

I was very bothered by the way the child Max was constantly portrayed as being inconvenient and in the way and even to the point he must be denied and lied about because this boy-crazy chick who refuses to grow up can still go out, get drunk, chase and bed men like she did before she screwed up and got knocked up by some dead-beat because she was more concerned about getting laid.

The scene where she yells at her roommate for not being there to baby-sit "forcing" her to hire a 12 year old to baby-sit her toddler enraged me. All these people are despicable, the 3 leads, her boss, the guy and his friends (although the main male lead is the least despicable, he is merely reacting to the psychotic girl LYING about having a baby).

This is a terrible movie that panders to the entitled millenial brat who still lives with her irresponsible roommates, goes out to run after men and get drunk and laid at every opportunity and bitches she can't do it more.

When you have a child that part of your life is over. Deal with it. Your libido is also less important than taking care of your kid. Quit whinging and focusing on your supposed social life problems and focus on raising your kid. And btw the 'love-life' advice by her friend is horrendous as well, all about the stupid trope that keeping guys jealous and on edge by playing games and lying to them is the way to "trap" them. Ugh.

Terrible on every level. Then she "grows up" and finally moves out, but not before quitting her job spontaneously, but thankfully good old Dad is there to finance her moving into a huge, expensive apartment, so she still hasn't grown up or accepted any responsibility, she's just playing a new fantasy.

I threw up in my mouth a little then and had to stop watching. The self-regard and self-entitlement is so thick, her Dad actually had to work so she can live her little fantasy, trading the party girl for an upscale young mom subsidized by her Dad for cripe's sake.

Be nice if they made movies realistic so that young girls might understand the real upsides, downsides and responsibilities of motherhood instead of these idealized judd apatoe fantasies. Getting rich from writing Sex in the City type self-help columns is another gag-worthy fantasy. This movie has is all, even a slutty virgin who dresses like a whore in nearly every scene, so, enjoy!

Reviewed by DICK STEEL 6 /10

A Nutshell Review: L!fe Happens

The title says it all, when precautions aren't taken and risks weren't evaluated, allowing the body to rule over the mind, and nine months later, life happens. As the premise goes, Kim (Krysten Ritter) decided to go ahead with her one night stand anyway when housemate and friend Deena (Kate Bosworth) took the last piece of latex to fuel her own carnal desires, and that lapse costs Kim dearly when she becomes mom to Baby Max (played by Connor and Zachary Ross). This becomes the comedic tale of single motherhood, friendship, romance and the likes, a pure chick flick that walks the path of one's horror story during a moment of indiscretion.

Kim certainly isn't cut out to being a mother, clearly without a proper support structure in place save for housemates Deena and Laura (Rachel Bilson), who between them juggle time to take care of Max in what would be reminiscent of Three Men and a Baby. But of course this time juggle wrecks havoc on every one's lives especially when they're at the crossroads of their individual profession, and having baby at home means less time outside for nights out,

Directed by Kat Coiro who co-wrote the story with Krysten Ritter, which they claim had a lot of their individual characters and traits put into the characters of Kim and Deena, Life Happens plays out the typical insecurities of the female, with the baby in it more for the gimmick. As the central character in which the film revolves around, Kim shows she's not all that perfect, willing to "disown" her child Max so that she could have a shot at establishing a new relationship with Nicolas (Geoff Stults) whom she met at a party, and learnt fleetingly of his disdain for kids. And seriously her character is not all that likable given that innate crutch to push Max to just about anyone to babysit, while she schemes to get laid, to put it crudely.

While the film also tried to show the prejudices faced by single mothers and the many challenges they have to conquer, the story throws in Deena as the blonde who gets all the fun, with a career that is taking of, and almost always in control over the relationships with the opposite sex. And the scene during the double date was one of the best as it exposes just about how close and chummy both Kim and Deena are, and yet fully understanding each other's flaws and amplifying them just to spite the other. Cat fight, someone?

The casting is a little bit strange and needed getting used to because each of them don't really look too comfortable in their roles. Krysten Ritter for the most parts looked like a dead ringer for Anne Hathaway, while Kate Bosworth struggles as the alpha-female Deena. Perhaps the most wasted of all characters here belonged to Rachel Wilson, who plays the bimbo with questionable careers that don't seem to last, present only to lend her star power, and to play up on her character's naivety during her reality show participation as America's Last Virgin. And with this being a chick flick, the male characters were nothing more than one dimensional caricatures mostly portrayed as perfect studs, or cads for not fulling understanding the plight of the woman.

Don't look toward this film for that silver bullet instructional material on how to bring up a baby. It had some elements underlying its point that parenting is a full time job made all the more difficult when there is no support from a spouse, and literally sapping life out of oneself in the care and development of another human being. It's almost similar in treatment to another single mom film titled Motherhood starring Uma Thurman, but this one had a lot more characters involved in raising the baby, and having a bevy of good looking casts in a comedy always helps.

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