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Love at the Christmas Table


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance



Family friends Sam and Kat spend every Christmas Eve at the Children's Table. They grow up together, sharing the highs and lows of young adulthood. And at thirty, Sam realizes that Kat is the one...but he's afraid that the past will get in the way.


Rachel Goldenberg

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 10 /10

One of a kind

This is one of the most unique Christmas romance stories I have seen. Things happen near and at the end that I sure didn't see coming. The entire movie is refreshing. The entire movie is a continuing flashback that takes place on several Christmas eves spanning most of the main characters' lives.

Sometimes the story doesn't advance a lot, but it is still entertaining with witty dialogue and other things. One of those is a beautiful dance sequence that is not so much about talented dancers as it is about the beauty and the romance of the dance which includes many of the cast.

Danica McKellar is known for Wonder Years but also for Christmas movies. This is possibly her best. The romance between her character, Kat, and Dustin Milligan's Sam is tangible. Supporting performances are also good.

I had a hard time with the timeline because I couldn't understand why two people so in love would have gone so long. I especially can't see how 5 years could have elapsed (as mentioned when Kat first sees Sam) and still led to what follows. An attempt is made to explain at least the former about 3/4ths of the way through the movie but I think the movie would have made a lot more sense if that had been plainer earlier on. Nevertheless, I don't deduct for that because the story is otherwise so charming and unique.

While I don't see Hallmark's signature on this, it fits their nature perfectly. For some people this will be too sappy and idealistic, but that's what these movies are and this one is done so well.

Reviewed by TeamRocket_Jessie 10 /10

A+ Dialogue

The dialogue for this movie is better than any romance movie I've ever seen. It's witty while still having a natural amount of profanity and innuendo. It's insightful, especially a conversation about Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It's realistic and gender-neutral; not mired by traditional gender roles or stereotypes. This is how real couples express their anger. This is how real couples joke around. This is how real couples have brief moments of true insight before changing the subject to something more light-hearted so as to not think about the uncertain future. This is truly a realistic and romantic movie, and you can see yourself in the characters.

Reviewed by sa8713 7 /10


Me and my mom have this tradition that every year we record a bunch of Christmas movies, mostly on the hallmark channel and lifetime. They are something to watch when nothing else is on, the only rough part is trying to figure out which ones you have seen already. This movie was a new TV release so we figured we would record it and see what it was all about. All in all in was a nice little movie about two kids who knew each other all their lives and were destined to be with each other, they just needed to figure that out. There were some parts i wasn't really sure of, like why the Christmas party was always at this other lady's house, but i guess it was just part of the movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who has a soft spot for Christmas movies like me, it has some funny parts and some romantic parts but all in all it tells a good story.

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