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Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller



It was supposed to be a simple job. All Lucy had to do was deliver a mysterious briefcase to Mr. Jang. But immediately Lucy is caught up in a nightmarish deal where she is captured and turned into a drug mule for a new and powerful synthetic drug. When the bag she is carrying inside of her stomach leaks, Lucy's body undergoes unimaginable changes that begins to unlock her mind's full potential. With her new-found powers, Lucy turns into a merciless warrior intent on getting back at her captors. She receives invaluable help from Professor Norman, the leading authority on the human mind, and French police captain Pierre Del Rio.


Luc Besson


Scarlett Johansson
as Lucy Miller
Morgan Freeman
as Professor Samuel Norman
Choi Min-sik
as Mr. Jang
Amr Waked
as Pierre Del Rio
Pilou Asbæk
as Richard

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gogoschka-1 N/A

An original take on the superhero movie; silly perhaps – but great fun

After the many scathing reviews, I went to this film with very mixed feelings. I certainly didn't expect serious Sci-Fi – after all, I had seen the trailers – but I actually wasn't quite sure what to expect (and I'm not sure I would have gone to see it at all, If it hadn't been directed by Luc Besson). Well, maybe it's just because I expected to be disappointed, but I was pleasantly surprised. 'Lucy' delivers a fast paced, crazy ride from start to finish, and I'm frankly a bit shocked so many people seem to hate this film with so much passion. Hadn't they seen the trailers? I thought it was clear from the get-go that this film was first and foremost meant as entertainment (and it certainly doesn't pretend to be the new '2001').

If 'Lucy' were based on a comic book, I highly doubt people would be criticising it as harshly as they are. Let's be honest: from a scientific point of view, the stories of Captain America, Superman, Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man and the X-Men are all enthusiastically silly. None of these stories are even remotely realistic - and they were never meant to be: that's why they call them "SUPER-heroes". So how come so many film fans take the "10% of the brain" premise so very, very seriously? I mean, this is Luc Besson: 'The Fifth Element' was just as over-the-top and most people seemed to have really enjoyed it (at least at the time; maybe now it would also get shredded to pieces for "lack of realism"). The way I see it, 'Lucy' is simply Besson's take on the superhero movie (towards the end of the film, the title character actually comes across like a fun, female version of Dr Manhattan).

Granted, many aspects of 'Lucy' ARE very silly, but visually the film is absolutely stunning and it at least tries to tell an original story and throws in some very interesting philosophical (and yes: even scientific) concepts and questions. So not unlike the films based on Marvel or DC comics, this is a wild mix of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Action elements – and what's so wrong with that all of a sudden? If you watch it for what it is – a fun, fast summer movie with inventive visuals – I don't see why you wouldn't enjoy it. Quality-wise, this certainly isn't 'The Matrix' or 'Blade Runner', for sure (but hey: what is?), but 'Lucy' is still packed with enough creative ideas and great action scenes to get your money's worth. Plus it features Morgan Freeman and an absolutely gorgeous Scarlett Johansson.

So my verdict: It's rare enough these days to get an original Fantasy/Sci-Fi tale with a decent budget in the first place – let alone one for grown-ups with an R-rating. It may not be as good as it could have been (and it does feel a bit rushed), but it is very far from the catastrophic mess many critics make it out to be. As far as I'm concerned, 'Lucy' is a fun, crazy ride from start to finish. 7 stars out of 10.

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Reviewed by latinfineart 9 /10

A spectacular film- visually stunning - very through provoking

Unless you are nearly brain dead, you will find this film stimulating. If you are a sci-fi buff like me, even more so. A film like this reminds me of how starved some of us are for films of this sort. This film was brilliantly directed by the French Maestro. Beautifully acted, by Scarlotte Johansson.

While the transformation is happening, we see Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) giving a lecture on the capacity of the human brain. He says people generally use only about 10 percent of their brain's capacity. (Yes, it's an urban legend, but you'll enjoy the movie a whole lot more if you ignore that fact and just go with it.) Norman, an authority in this field, has no idea his path will soon cross with Lucy's.

Lucy accidentally ingests the drug and her neurons begin firing. Her brain begins to grow ever-more powerful - so powerful that she's able to easily disarm any captor and figure a way out of any situation she's in. She needs someone who understands brain function to help her while a team is hot on the trail to dispense with her. The film moves at such a frantic pace and provides such mind-boggling visuals and fascinating concepts about time and existence that it's impossible not to be entertained. Besson also throws in some brief but exhilarating nature scenes to emphasize Lucy's vulnerability (at first) and then to expound upon what she is learning.

Somewhat improbably, it's also an ideal culmination of a sci-fi trilogy Johansson may not have even realized she was making. In Her, Under the Skin and now Lucy, the 29-year-old veteran has not only delivered some of the finest work of her career, she's found a trio of characters in conversation about what it means to be human through the eyes of an outsider, be it artificial intelligence, alien or an accidental superhuman. In fact, it's near impossible to imagine Lucy without Johansson and her perfectly calibrated performance, a crucial component to investing in the story's inherent silliness.

The action was a little over the top at times. The Chinese gangsters were perhaps a metaphor for the Chinese Politburo. Perhaps the world's ultimate criminal organization, that will stop at nothing to achieve it's ends.

What you'll find here, is a well-crafted science fiction yarn that might make you think more than you bargained for while you enjoy the shoot-ups and vehicle crashes.

Reviewed by thuffman-219-557602 10 /10

That one guy who told everyone to **** themselves

F*** this IMDb rating. I haven't been this entertained in 90 minutes since Pan's Labyrinth. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes gets 8 stars, and everyone is attacking the science of this film... f*** off. This movie is fantastically cool.

Remember, critics and joes thought Boondock Saints, Donnie Darko, and Star Wars blew... yeah. Watch it for yourself. If you're a Luc Besson fan, you won't be disappointed.

Bad-*** car chase, science-fiction, sex appeal my goodness, Morgan "the man" Freeman, Chow Yun-Fat worthy shootout, visuals that will blow your-effing-mind, and it didn't even take 2 sequels and a prequel to do it.

What happened to people that used to enjoy movies?

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