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Make Your Move


Action / Drama / Musical / Romance



Donny's a cocky kid from New York who likes to dance. He goes to New Orleans and he unwittingly takes part in a criminal act. He is arrested and sent to jail. He gets out on parole and makes a living by dancing in the streets. But his parole officer tells him to stop it because he's not suppose to be where he goes to dance as part of his parole. The officer tells him to get a job but he only wants to dance. He decides to go back to New York even though he's not allowed to. He goes to his brother Nicky who has a club. He learns that Nicky and his partner Kaz had a falling out when a rich guy convinced Kaz that he doesn't need Nicky. Nicky told Kaz that he's just using him to get to Kaz's sister who is also a performer who is hoping an agent will take her as a client because she could be sent back to Japan where she is from. When Donny sees her, he can't help but be interested in her despite Nicky telling him not to go near her.


Duane Adler

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Reviewed by Gordon-11 N/A

I loved it!

This film tells the story of two dancers who dance their way to their dreams despite the adverse circumstances around them.

I have not heard about this film before watching it, but I was blown away by the whole experience. First, I was impressed by the diversity of the cast. Asians have always been underrepresented in American films, and "Make Your Move" gives the scene a refreshing change. The dance scenes are consistently impressive, energetic and vibrant, delivering a wow factor like no other dance film I have watched.

The two leading characters are charming and beautiful. They do look like a couple! BoA is really beautiful, and she can really dance. "Make Your Move"well consolidate her superstar status in Asia, and hopefully break her into the Western market.

Reviewed by shui_yu_jai 9 /10

Could be better but satisfied.

Before watching this movie, I expected nothing but dances, it did not disappoint me. We all know what BoA and Derek Dough can do. It makes you wonder what chemistry an Asian pop star can make with a ballroom dancing master.

This movie has given modern dances a new definition. It is not an era with just hip hop dances anymore. It shows you tap dances and dances with drums(Cobu) could be the next "hit thing" as well.

Let's be frank though, the story is weak, like I expected. Characters have minimal interactions, I almost couldn't feel the relationship between them. If you are looking for a movie with a well organized flow of story line, sorry you can probably skip this title.

It really depends on which perspective you use to view a movie, to decide whether or not it's worth your time. I watched this movie entirely for the chronography, and of course, BoA and Derek Dough. If that's something you are looking for as well? Go for it.

Reviewed by loklinspirit 3 /10

Cheesy story, not really worth watching unless really bored

I am rather disappointed. I knew before watching that it's going to be a cheesy romeo and juliet plot but i expected there to be at least some sparkle. Unfortunately... The movie is made up of loads of indoor scenes which are not NY at all, plus couple aerial views of the bridges and a shot where Derek in the Borough Hall/Court Street area. Okay, the dance moves were fun and cool from time to time but not new or brilliant, with the production team and actors that the movie had, I expected much more. Derek Hough and BoA are both cute, but no they cannot act. They just do not have that sense of presence, at least not in this movie. BoA obviously is not a native English speaker, which fits her role, but she tries too hard to be effortless and smooth, and that makes her lines mono-toned. U-know's guest appearance totally disappointed me as well, that act could never be a headline in any club and definitely not up to standards of a dance movie. In real life, I doubt any club owner would fly such dancer all the way from Korea. That suit vest thing showing his chubby arms are making the scene even worse. Last but not the least, that pony-tail guy totally reminded me of Maria in the film "Din Tao:Leader of the Parade"... I'm not giving the movie a one -star just because it was fun running into the crew in W Hotel two years ago...

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