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Mamma Mia!


Action / Comedy / Family / Musical / Romance



Set on a colorful Greek island, the plot serves as a background for a wealth of ABBA songs. A young woman about to be married discovers that any one of three men could be her father. She invites all three to the wedding without telling her mother, Donna Sheridan (Meryl Streep), who was once the lead singer of Donna and the Dynamos. In the meantime, Donna has invited her back-up singers, Rosie Mulligan (Dame Julie Walters) and Tanya Wilkinson (Christine Baranski).


Phyllida Lloyd


Meryl Streep
as Donna Sheridan
Amanda Seyfried
as Sophie Sheridan
Pierce Brosnan
as Sam Carmichael
Colin Firth
as Harry Bright
Stellan Skarsgård
as Bill Anderson
Christine Baranski
as Tanya Chesham-Leigh
Julie Walters
as Rosie Mulligan

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Reviewed by lathamtaeden N/A


It is all marketing. I hate marketing. Amanda Siefried, who was a great actress in Big Love, and also was in the fascinating and Boogie Woogie tries to sing in this film that exists only to market itself via the songs of Abba. It is cringeworthy.

Reviewed by tamiloreariz 4 /10

Amanda Is Quite Attractive...

... it is quite an achievement to take a woman as pretty as that (watch her legs in Boogie Woogie) and as capable as that (watch Big Love) and make her boring, irritating and essentially insane.

Mamma Mia! What a shallow movie.

Reviewed by uopaab 2 /10

Painful To The Eyes

And the ears!

That is quite an accomplishment Hollywood!

And before someone says 'well it's a chick flick you are not supposed to like it' let me say that my girlfriend hates it too.

So many women.Just stop singing!!!

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