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Max Payne


Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller



Three years ago, NYPD detective Max Payne's wife and baby were murdered. Max gets himself transferred to the cold case office where he can continue searching for the killer who got away. He's a loner, but two people reach out to him during a fateful week: Alex, his ex-partner who may have found a clue, and BB, the security chief at the pharmaceutical company where Max's wife worked. Meanwhile, bodies are piling up, some as a result of a drug on the street that is highly addictive and, for many who take it, brings hideous hallucinations. When one of the bodies is a woman Payne was the last to see alive, her sister comes looking for him armed to the teeth; Max must move fast.


John Moore


Mark Wahlberg
as Max Payne
Mila Kunis
as Mona Sax
Beau Bridges
as BB Hensley
as Jim Bravura
Chris O'Donnell
as Jason Colvin
Donal Logue
as Alex Balder
Amaury Nolasco
as Jack Lupino

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trilliansultan 7 /10

Gripping And Heart-Breaking

But the main lead is not a convincing actor Do not let all these negative ratings berate you, this movie is something that everyone from men to women see. It can be hard to watch at times because of the mayhem if that type of thing bothers you, but I am fine with it. A couple of the women are eye candy for sure, but I am not personally into super short hair for women.

Reviewed by ardysng 5 /10

The Usual Bad Acting From Mark Wahlberg

But overall the film was not bad and it was a good way to kill 2 hours.

I was not even aware it is based on a game, but for what it is there are a few violent scenes, some action, a good looking girl is usually present on the screen and the special effects are decent.

Reviewed by alaric3 4 /10

How do you have this bad of a script?

Max Payne was a game that was born of Film Noir and John Woo. This movie? Voice overs = 1 or two. (There was hope in the opening but then nothing) Action scenes = minimal. (Not too bad other than being sparse) Acting = very good for what little the script offers. (The actors do not deserve the blame for this atrocity unless it is for choosing to do this script.) Scenery/Cinematography = Brilliant but wasted on scenes like 8 minutes picking up a folder with no conflict in the scene. (The scenery was impressively accurate to the game. I kept feeling like it was going to get better because of it. Then nothing would happen.)

I wanted this to be good. I kept lying to myself and saying it would get better any minute.

People who say I am disappointed because it isn't the video game need to understand I didn't want the video game I wanted an action film that captured the essence of the game.

We are left with no reason to care for Max Payne. If I was the writer I would have been ashamed to have my name attached.

Max Payne got the Indy treatment.

I really want my money back on this one. I felt insulted that they thought this script was a passable story.

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