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Murph: The Protector


Action / Documentary



A documentary based on the honor, courage and commitment of Navy SEAL LT Michael P. Murphy, who gave his life for his men in 2005 and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 2007.


Scott Mactavish

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Reviewed by timlin-4 3 /10

Not a good documentary

Of course there is going to be a tendency to rate a documentary about a fallen war hero highly, but this one is mediocre. It focuses mostly on trivial details of Murphy's childhood as told by family and friends, but there is not much material covering the last years of his adult life. True, most people don't live documented lives, and he worked in the shadows, but we don't hear from his fiancée or even Mr. "Lone Survivor" Luttrell. Several times the filmmaker juxtaposes individual interviews of Murphy's father and mother telling the same story in almost the same words, which might be cute once, but later becomes annoying. Wow, they are a married couple who have told the story several times together before, but we really don't need to hear it twice! The most interesting part was finding out that Murphy's suburban lawyer dad is himself a survivor of a hellish combat experience. The director's worst decision was to intersperse scenes of a random doctor and his parents throughout the the documentary without context. Though it may seem like there is going to be a reveal about how he treated Murphy or some momentous way in which their destinies crossed, it turns out he just received a scholarship in Murhpy's name. Nobody cares about this doctor at all, and it's silly to use a scholarship as proof that "something good came out of it"

Reviewed by jess-barnes-641-742792 10 /10

Thumbs up for Murph

A wonderful documentary about a true American Hero. If you are looking for action, blood and guts look elsewhere, this is a story about a man who gave his life for his teammates and for his country. Peppered with candid photos and shots of his hometown, the story is both sad and inspiring. Murph was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005 where he gave in a fierce fire fight with an overwhelming Taliban force. Murph stepped out from cover into enemy fire in order to call for backup, and was mortally wounded. Murph's call enabled the eventual rescue of Marcus Luttrell and the recovery of the three team members who died in the fight. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star, Purple Heart, and Medal of Honor. The movie gives background on Murph's life, with moving anecdotes from family and friends. This is not a fancy Hollywood flick, but a must see nonetheless... evidence that heroism and selflessness are alive in our world today. For more detail, pick up the book 'Seal of Honor'.

Reviewed by beerbeforeburpees 10 /10

Excellent movie, story of a true hero

These days we see our kids looking up to "movie stars" and professional athletes. While I admit these people are good at what they do they are 99% self serving. This movie is about what a true hero and demonstrates what a truly good person is made of. A person that gives all of what he/she has for those around them, despite the circumstances. Mike Murphy represents all that is right about being an amazing human being. I took both my kids to see the movie last night and they were both able to grasp how amazing the story was. As we watched other people buy their tickets to goofy comedies or "explosion" movies I actually felt embarrassed for them. I hope that the mainstream media does the public a service this weekend and promotes this great story, it's far more important for all of us to support a film like this than to put more money into the pockets of actors who serve only themselves.

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