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Nitro Circus: The Movie


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Motorcycle stunt-riders perform death-defying tricks in state-of-the-art 3D. Risking life and limb by way of bikes, trikes, buses, motorcycles and semis-these are the things of Nitro Circus, and therefore this movie. Led by Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus got its start back in the early 2000s when a collective of extreme sport buds started cranking out DVDs of their back-flipping, tumbling, face-in-the-dirt engine-propelled stunts.

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Reviewed by nukey-pearce 7 /10

A great documentary, even if it's not your kinda thing.

I have to say that I was somewhat intrigued when I first came across this docu-movie. I had mixed thoughts to begin with before I watched it - to be honest extreme sports and stunts have never really been my thing. But I thought - you know, why not - looks interesting.

I absolutely loved it! It gives a good story of the crew, including their past, and has a lot of gob-smacking moments - stunts which will make you laugh, cringe, and admire. From start to finish it was thoroughly enjoyable, even if you aren't in to extreme sports to begin with.

Before I came across this I never even knew who Nitro Circus was, or what they did. Now I know what they do, and how they do it. I simply have one word to describe them... Awesome.

Definitely worth a watch - you won't be bored or disappointed. That's a promise! - Just keep an open mind. My only negative was that I never watched it in 3D to begin with. I wish I had have done, and if you can, maybe you should too. You might even enjoy it more than I did.

Reviewed by Juststrange44168 7 /10

Your mileage may vary

Let me start off by saying I've followed fellow-Marylander Travis Pastrana since his big FMX debut in 1999. Having just purchased 199 Lives, I was afraid his stardom would overpower the remainder of the cast - thankfully this was not the case. In fact the film did an excellent job of not singling out any one of the performers.

The film did drag at times. Some of the jokes came off a little flat. That said, there is no denying the raw talent of the individuals featured. Admittedly, there are moments where it might seem like the ability to shut out fear (and the notion of self-preservation) is the only talent on display, but being fearless won't make you suddenly able to ride a dirtbike across a swimming pool.

The also made me take a more serious look at my risk assessment capability, as an engineer and "extreme" athlete. The only stunt in the film that had me genuinely uncomfortable went overall the safest of all of them. The stunt that intrigued me and seemed well established was the one that nearly killed someone. The raw emotion on display during the aftermath will resonant with anyone. The film does not glorify the successes without showing (some of) the consequences of failure.

A film about people chasing their dream, putting everything (finances, life, and limb) on the line to make it big. What's not to like about that?

Reviewed by aberwanger 3 /10

Love the show, disappointed by the movie

Instead of the hilarious off the wall humor set up by Jackass or even the Nitro Circus guys on the show, this movie tried to be very dramatic. Over and over again we were told by rob dyrdek and channing tatum how dangerous these stunts were in segments similar to what you'd see in a reality show. The stunts were cool, but the atmosphere the movie created was pretty boring. I was very disappointed in the presentation of the film.

Oh and the only 3D in the movie was during a few of the stunts. Since there wasn't even an option to see the movie in 2D, I'm assuming it was just a ploy to make a couple extra bucks on each ticket (and to further attach itself to the much more entertaining Jackass 3D movie).

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