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Action / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller



A girl is mysteriously killed after recording herself playing with an ancient Ouija Board, which leads to a close group of friends to investigate this board. They later find out that some things aren't meant to be played with, especially the 'other side'.


Stiles White


Olivia Cooke
as Laine Morris
Ana Coto
as Sarah Morris
Shelley Hennig
as Debbie Galardi
Sierra Huermann
as Doris Zander

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lnvicta 2 /10

Ouija embodies everything wrong with horror movies these days.

This movie never had a chance of being good - it's a modern horror movie based on a board game. Still, it could have been campy fun. After all, it is a board game. But no, Ouija is not fun. It's very, very boring.

Everything about this movie fails on so many levels. The writing doesn't have a single original or interesting idea, and it doesn't even make sense in the end. The acting is dull, though that's largely due to the fact that our characters spend the majority of the film moping around their houses and at school. There's no way of gaining momentum of suspense when nothing is happening. The characters play the board game a couple times and there are a handful of cheap jump scares and bad effects. That's it. The direction is flat and indifferent. Worst of all, it's not scary in the least.

Ouija is the absolute bare minimum for a horror movie, completely devoid of energy, inspiration, and any interest in telling an original story.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 6 /10

Boo! Jump!

Horror is one of those genres that creates such voting and reviewing hostility on internet sites. You can guarantee that no matter what new horror film comes out it will garner posts on the likes of IMDb as being "the worst horror film I have ever seen". That is until the next big release, where we will go around the houses again...

Ouija is just a standard boo-jump horror picture with a standard story line. Any expectation of any thing more would have (will do) led (lead) to great disappointment. It's one of those horror films that asks you to turn off the lights and just enjoy the quick spooky ride, then you get off the ride and quickly move on to something else. It's neither "the worst horror film of all time" or anything remotely original. It's Boo-Jump horror 101, so buy into that or leave it well alone. 6/10

Reviewed by caseynicholson 2 /10

It's Like They Made the Terrible Sequel First

So, I first saw "Ouija: Origin of Evil" (2016) in the theater when it came out, and I thought it was fantastic--I gave it 9/10 stars. And so, of course, I decided to go and watch the first film in the series, simply titled, "Ouija". I did so despite my having been warned by a couple of friends that it was a pretty bad movie. But, come on, how bad could it really be??? "Origin of Evil" is AWESOME....so the first one must be pretty good, right?

Wrong. This movie is terrible. TERRIBLE.

About the only thing I can say for the movie is that it does more or less follow the storyline of the prequel (although there are some glitches there, too), and as such it was marginally fun to find out how the story ends, so to speak.

But, man, this movie just downright sucks all the way around. The plot is bad, the acting...is...OK, but nothing to write home about. The story is not developed at all, and it's like they just threw together a few general concepts and tossed it into a movie.

All that said, it really is like they made the terrible sequel first, after the hit horror movie. The 2016 prequel is leaps and bounds better than this movie. But this movie itself is weak as can be. 2/10 stars....a rating I have hardly ever given before. This one's bad folks. Real bad.

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