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Roadside Massacre


Action / Horror



Five college friends take a detour while traveling to their spring break destination. They end up in the remote mountain town of Blueridge, where Karen (Marina Resa) believes her older sister went missing 2 years before. After a few odd encounters with the locals, Karen and her friends decide to continue their journey until an unexpected auto malfunction leaves them stranded. The group takes refuge in a local motel and soon learns that in Blueridge, "missing persons" is just a way of life. One-by-one they begin disappearing until the grizzly discovery is made that the local BBQ Rib Restaurant might be serving up more than anyone had bargained.


Scott Kirkpatrick

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gothic-fiction 3 /10

10 comments. 9 involved in the making of the movie!

It's amazing! 9 people, 9 comments, all positive, so, let's watch this, why not?!? Worst idea I had since I updated my facebook. So here are a couple of reasons why NOT to do what I did: 1) The camera work is terrible, pure amateur style, looks bad! 2) The dialogue: 15 years old kids in the making of it. OMG! The tough guy of the movie actually says: "What the fu*k is wrong with that person?" 3) The characters: the tough guy can't speak, the hot chick is an inflated botox blonde, two of them are simply bad and there is one, that is actually believable. 4) The music. I'm quite sure you guys ain't gonna believe this, but the sound is actually so loud at times, you simply can't hear what the actors are saying. You just stay there, watch the screen, and try to read lips! 5) The set! Wow! You can clearly tell when they shot in the same room, only that the second time it is disguised in whatever it has to be, with a flag, or anything like it. 6) The story: cliché, cliché, cliché and NO budget!

I could go on and on, I'm telling you, it's horrible when people involved in the making of the movie, come here, and comment, give a big grade and there you have it, others will watch their movie. I mean the actors, they look like the ones who wrote it, a bunch of friends, deciding to make a movie, cast each other, find a more isolate place with an abandoned shack and here's a "horror".

If anyone else watches this, please, I beg of you, comment on it, set things straight. Try to lower the grade, get more realist comments and warn people about Roadside Massacred. Roadside Massacre..God...what was I thinking?...


Reviewed by lil_dude6666 1 /10

worst film ever, fake reviewers are out there....

I do have to say one thing whatever you do don't watch this movie and don't believe the 9 reviewers who have said that this film is amazing as they are more than likely involved in the making of the movie and they have all joined IMDb the same time an only have 1 review to show. Please please please do not watch this utter crap. As for the acting my pets are better at acting than these bunch of idiots. IMDb really do need to sort things out on this site as fake reviewers and people who are involved in the making of the movie should be banned from this site all together as they lead people to believe that this movie is actually good..... Do yourselves a favour guys and girls do not watch this movie go watch a Disney film which i am sure you will enjoy more....

Reviewed by William_Henry_Pratt 1 /10

Stupid Junk

Let me start by saying that the "Director" works as an 'electric'. Just because one can carry a 10K doesn't mean they can direct a movie.

First I'd like to point out one of the most stupid, careless methods in visually identifying a plot point I've ever witnessed. After being served by a waitress, a customer runs out of a restaurant to her car and looks at a picture of her sister in order to verify that the WAITRESS IS IN FACT HER SISTER!!!! What the hell? Does this character suffer from some mental disorder that she forgets what her sister looked like? If she did it's never addressed again.

There is no action in this film. It opens promisingly enough, but soon after it just turns into a boring talk fest that has nothing interesting to say.

The acting has the same consistency of cardboard. The director must have spent all of his time at the craft service table because the shot structure is very unimaginative. It's just MED, CU - MED, CU over and over. There are no thrills or suspense. Every moment is telegraphed by one of those Star Trek transporters. Then there's a scene with a sheriff who appears to have been kidnapped from Knotts Berry Farm. I couldn't believe that he had a small dime store tin badge on his vest, which looked like it was cannibalized from some crew members three piece suit.

I'm convinced this picture was edited by a Cuisinart. I'm sure they just plopped all those MEDs and C.U.'s into the receptacle and flipped that switch to high. Pushing buttons on a computer does not make one an editor.

Most of the sets look alike. Nothing appears authentic. I think the filmmakers must have used their bedroom for a all purpose location. Come on guys at least make a little attempt of an effort! That's it this film is too crappy to waste any more time on…

You have a few precious minutes in life. Don't waste any on this stupid junk.

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