The Kung Fu master travels to the U.S. where his student has upset the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school.


Wilson Yip


Donnie Yen
as Ip Man
Wu Yue
as Wan Zong Hua
Vanness Wu
as Hartman Wu
Scott Adkins
as Barton Geddes
Vanda Lee
as Wan Yonah

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by strek-36663 3 /10

Just another chinese propaganda movie

First things first, I really like the the first two Ip Man movies, even they were also packed with propaganda, they had a kind of comprehensible billing element to it. In particular the fight against the japanese occupation and Ip Man's migration to Hong Kong in 1949 and his attempt to install his Wing Chun martial art school.

But the 4th and final part of the saga is just unbearably bad. Bad script and a bad plot, in other worth it is actually just an awful movie that uses two of martial arts all time greats in Ip Man and Bruce Lee, to spread chinese propaganda around the globe.

Reviewed by ryangale-13474 3 /10

Absolute disappointment...

How unfortunate it is that this film does nothing but push political agendas and decades old racisms. The trilogy of Ip Man was so enjoyable up to this fourth installment. The essence of Ip Man and the legacy he left on Chinese King Fu was lost on this film. The intense focus on racism, oppression, and the evil United States is truly sad and is incredibly damaging to this otherwise great tetralogy. I would not recommend this movie due to the immense inaccuracies of the time period (Ip Man was old and sick by this time), the inconsistencies, and the overcompensation of racism / communist Chinese agendas. Sincerely a disappointing end to what could of been so much more.

Reviewed by xiaohei-80112 6 /10

Run out of ideas

Predictable weak story, everything set up with a purpose to fight.fight pattern is combine part 1 to 3.As Donnie admit his age is catching up, can't have any more fight scene so whole production team in a rush to get this movie done badly.Reycle story which use other races insulting to get the public anger as to provide demogogy at the end of movie.Will be better if change the movie message from racist hatred to inherit the spirit of kung-fu as this is final already.But have to admit Donnie portray Yip man so well and become a classic in everyone hearts.

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