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The Final Terror


Action / Horror



A group of rangers go camping on unfamiliar forest grounds. All is well until the group members start getting picked off by a cunning, tactical, malevolent, killer in the woods.


Andrew Davis

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Reviewed by drownnnsoda 9 /10

Not your average body count film; in fact, not a body count film at all

Oh boy, oh boy, what do we have here? "The Final Terror" is a film that eluded me for years. After nearly a decade, I've finally gotten around to seeing it, and it blew my expectations out of the water. The plot is routine on the surface: A (rather large) group of campers go on an excursion into the woods of Northern California. When one of them goes missing after a prank, they split up to search for their lost compatriot, only to lose two more. The excursion slowly becomes a survivalist expedition as the remaining campers scramble to get out of the woods alive with a mysterious killer on their tails.

For all the criticism that "The Final Terror" gets, it also gets a lot of deserved love from genre fans; it's an unusual movie. Part slasher flick, for sure, but not entirely— it's equal parts thriller and equal parts survivalist adventure film. Directed by Andrew Davis, who later went on to become a major Hollywood director, the film is exceptionally photographed, accentuating the natural settings and capturing the thick blackness of a night in the wilderness. In that sense, it's reminiscent of 1981's "Just Before Dawn", though "The Final Terror" was actually filmed around the same time (both in 1980— "The Final Terror" had some release issues before finally hitting screens in '83).

As a slasher film, it curiously takes its time to really get going, and also curiouser is the unusually small body count it tallies up; in fact, only one member of the camping group actually falls prey to the killer; two other unnamed characters in the beginning are killed for the sake of establishment, and the two other deaths that come at the end are very anti-slasher (I won't discuss them so as not to spoil the ending). When you take this into consideration, along with the film's "Deliverance"-style tone and the guerrilla warfare camaraderie that evolves among the campers, it really put the film more in the vein of a backwoods thriller or adventure flick than it does a slasher.

The cast is made up of a surprisingly large number of budding Hollywood stars, namely Adrian Zmed, Rachel Ward, Joe Pantoliano, and Daryl Hannah (yes, that's right— Daryl Hannah). The talent of the actors involved her really shines through and bolsters the effectiveness of the proceedings, as the performances are far above the standard for '80s slasher films. The characters are incredibly believable, which I think is also helped by the straight-shooting script. There is an unusual sense of authenticity about the film in that the campers seem like real campers, and their reactions to the events they find themselves a part of seem real. They also don't make stupid decisions; there is no "final girl", and there aren't characters foolishly wandering off by themselves to be killed. The characters in the film are savvy and strategic, sticking together as a unit, even when they're being chased through the woods in the middle of the night by an apparently blade-wielding monster. These unusually bright decisions are perhaps the reason why most of them survive.

Overall, "The Final Terror" is one of the '80s horror oddballs that is even weirder than most because it's not the backwoods body count film you'd expect it to be— in fact, it's not a body count film at all. At times it does work with the elements of slasher pictures, but moreover, it's a wilderness survival thriller with a killer thrown in the mix. Classy photography, a talented cast, and surprisingly intelligent writing really put this film head-and-shoulders above many of its peers. It's thrilling, engaging, and above everything else, it's smart, which is one of the last adjectives I'd expect to use when describing an '80s "slasher" film. Highlights: the nighttime group chase scene through the woods, the guerrilla warfare ending, and, of course, a young Daryl Hannah. 9/10.

Reviewed by Maciste_Brother 4 /10

Nothing memorable about it

THE FINAL TERROR is an average horror movie. There were a couple of startling moments (the scene when the couple gets hacked or the sudden ending) but the bulk of the movie is really dull. The atmosphere is almost worthwhile. Almost. You see, the film is not gruesome enough or sweat-inducing enough to push the atmosphere into the dread-filled nightmare that a story like this needs in order to be memorable. We see a lot of moments where the people just hang around the campfire and bitch about this and that. And when the group goes to the the dilapidated house, all dressed up like Rambo, what little edge the film had disappeared instantly with that unintentionally funny bit. The idea of the young men and women taking a pro-active stance against the killer, in one united group, is original for a horror movie of this type but it's badly done here.

The big problem with the movie is that it doesn't know what it wants to be. Something tells me the director didn't want to do just another horror movie. But every aspect of the movie is so weak that FINAL TERROR cannot overcome its horror trappings. The characters are almost nonexistent. Rachel Ward and the black girl have accents but where never told where they come from or how did they ever land in such a remote area. Because of this, and the fact that some actors are really miscast, there's very little credibility to the whole proceedings. It feels like the film was put together very quickly and with very little thought behind it.

The script is very weak. No characterization. No idea what to do with the dull bunch. No immediate sense of dread. We have no clue what's out there until the very end. And to make things even more annoying, the action often takes place at night and there are several moments when it's difficult to see what's going on. These dark scenes reminded me of HUMONGOUS. But unlike the underrated Canadian movie, FINAL TERROR's pitch black moments weren't deliberate. They were badly shot moments (made more confusing with the bad editing) which muddled up what little action there was in the story. The cinematography was excellent when there was light or the action took place during the day but the night time scenes, or even those scenes that took place in and around the cabin, were too dark for my taste.

The film gets interesting at the very end, but like many have pointed out already, the end is very sudden and abrupt. Too abrupt. The brief glimpse of the killer made me realize how dull and boring the young folks were. When a piece of walking rug with a knife is more interesting than the main characters of the movie, you know there's something wrong with the film.

But FINAL TERROR wasn't the worst film I've ever seen. Compared to DON'T GO IN THE WOODS, FINAL TERROR looks like a work of genius. It's just that there's very little going for it except for some beautiful scenery, one good murder scene, a creepy, under-used killer and a somewhat memorable (but sudden) ending.

Reviewed by Nightman85 7 /10

An OK terror, but it's hardly final.

Young forest rangers and their lady friends take a trip into the wilderness and are terrorized by a woodsy maniac.

Yet another slasher in the wake of Friday the 13th (1980), this one being OK as it tries to be a little different from the rest of its kind. This film tries to focus a little more on mood and suspense, rather than on gore and sex, although it does have it's share of that too. With the help of a decent cast, featuring some latter-day stars like Hannah and Ward, The Final Terror manages to be an entertaining enough effort. There's a few shocks, a good rock music score, and a creepy villain that also help carry the movie.

It's a far cry from the superior likes of Just Before Dawn (1981), but it certainly beats the lesser efforts of movies like Don't Go in the Woods (1981) or The Prey (1984).

** 1/2 out of ****

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