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The Last American Virgin


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance



The friendship of a group of young friends struggling with teen sex, drugs, and work is jeopardized by a romantic interest which may turn pals into bitter rivals.


Boaz Davidson

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Reviewed by jrs-8 5 /10

Not just another teen sex romp.

The title would indicate otherwise. When it was released in 1982 I avoided it. At that time filmgoers were deluged with nothing but mad slasher films and teen sex comedies. I wanted nothing to do with it. It didn't last in theaters long enough for me to think twice. Today, after almost two years of prodding from a very close friend, I watched "The Last American Virgin." My feelings are extremely mixed but I must admit there are things I haven't been able to stop thinking about. Most notable is the final 40 minutes of the film which is such an abrupt switch from the first hour I almost can't believe the two halves are part of the same film.

The first hour is the story of 3 friends and their repeated attempts to score with the opposite sex. Interestingly, since the title suggests it, the main character is not given any extra attention to lose his virginity then the other two friends who are obviously not virgins. Our main character is a pizza delivery boy who meets a girl and is immediately attracted to her. But as luck would have it she only has eyes for his best friend, the stud of the group.

The first hour is played mostly for laughs as the boys get into scrapes trying to score with the women. A few of the scenes are amusing. They elicit chuckles but no serious laughter. One particular scene where the boys visit an extremely horny woman only to be interrupted by her boyfriend is fun. An earlier scene where the main character's parents arrive home early from a trip is amusing if not overly original.

But then something happens. At about the hour mark the tone of the film changes. An event occurs out of left field that brings our main character and the girl of his dreams together. From then on they share experiences that are very real and anyone could identify with whether they have ever been in the situation or not. Suddenly the attempt at madcap humor is replaced by real events and real emotions and "The Last American Virgin" turns into a very special movie.

Towards the end our main character finally professes his love to the girl in what may be the best scene ever done in this type of movie. It's strong, emotional, and so well acted that everyone out there knows exactly what the characters feel simply by the looks on their faces. It's truly a great scene.

Now let's talk about the ending without giving anything away. In a word it's brilliant. It makes perfect sense. It is totally real. Again it is a scene that anyone that watches it can identify with. When the credits rolled I was stunned. How the director had the guts to end it as he did is a testament to not playing down on his audience. It probably ends the only way it could. Some people will love it and others may hate it. But it's true to life.

I noticed that I used the word 'real' a lot in describing the last half. That's the only way I know how to describe it. The characters come to life in the second half. I am sure many people can identify with these people during the hijinks filled first half as well. But it's that second half when the director really nails his characters. We end up truly caring about some of them and despising others and hoping for a lot of things to happen. But we have feelings for them all. Credit to the writer (also the director). If only he had made a stronger first half with less comedy and more dealings with real life issues and this film would have been a classic.

I haven't yet mentioned the soundtrack. As one might expect it is filled with late 70's and early 80's hits. Journey's "Open Arms" is played to great effect in the scene when the main character finally spills his guts to the woman of his dreams.

I have never seen this film played on cable nor do I recall it being on DVD. I hope the studio has a change of heart one of these days and brings it back into circulation. I think every teenager should see this film. They'll no doubt be highly amused by the silliness of the first half (though the nudity might turn off concerned parents), but then they will experience learned lessons in the second half that, if they have yet to go through, most likely will in one form or another.

So the final verdict is a terrific final 40 minutes is buried in an average at best teen sex film of the first 60 minutes. Oh how I wish the opening had been as wonderful as the closing. There would be no need to hope for this film to be found. It would be as known as "Say Anything" is.

Seek this film out. If you can get passed the nudity issue I think parents and teenagers could watch this together and experience life as it really is. It's not pat and always what we want. Things happen that we can't control and sometimes things work out the way they are supposed to for reasons we can't understand at the time. It's a lesson we all have learned or will learn in life. And when was the last time you could say you learned that from a teen comedy?

Reviewed by flyawaynow 8 /10


When I was in 10th grade me and my buddy were up late at his house and were flipping around cable and started watching this movie. We watched it because it looked kind of funny and because it had boobs. But then the ending came and we just sat there completely speechless. I think after a minute of watching the credits roll he just sort of whimpered "Oh dude....." It goes from dumb 80's teen sex comedy to nihilistic realism so quickly that it catches you off guard. I have been trying to rent this movie for years and have not been able to find it - and nobody has ever seen it except for me and my friend - so it seems. But now it is available! I highly suggest renting it and brace yourself.

Reviewed by Chivo 10 /10

The Anguish Of First Love

Spoilers in this review! Despite a few highly improbable scenes, including the boys in PE measuring their penises in a contest and the few obligatory teens-trying-to-get-laid vignettes, this movie captures the painful essence of high school in ways that few teen films have ever done. It achieves this by not only showing the trio of friends, Gary, Dave, Rick, as smoking, drinking, ever on the prowl teens, but also dwells on the nature of friendship itself as these three friends have their loyalties tested. This film is a snapshot of the time when childhood ends. For the shy romantic Gary, when he sees the lovely Karen for the first time he falls instantly in love. The awakening emotion in Gary is writ large on the screen, and he proves his love for her by taking her in when she is jilted by her lover. This love for Karen signals the end of Gary's innocence, as the bonds with his two best friends will be tested, and broken, over the course of the story. The confident ladies man, Rick, is the person in high school we all secretly wish we were: handsome, cool, and always has the impossibly beautiful girls in a swoon. Rick turns out to be a cad, but you have to bear in mind that his character is only 17 years old. He panics and makes a bad decision. From Rick's perspective, the story is also about finding the one girl of his dreams, a bad breakup, and then at the end reconciling. The look on Rick's face as Gary walks in and sees Karen kissing Rick, shows that he at last understands that his best friend and he love the same woman. As in real life, you don't bow out because your friend has an unrequited love. This is the tragedy of the film. Rick is no villain, and constantly through the film he reminds Gary and Dave that they're his best friends. The soulful quality of Gary's performance, however, is the heart of the story. Lawrence Monoson is a beautiful loser. He does everything right, his heart's in the right place, and he's consumed by love for Karen. Yet, Karen, in the end, is not moved by Gary's devotion and kindness. Karen represents all the people in the world who take in without giving back, who exist in a vacuum of their own ego and never stop to realize the emotional damage and trauma they inflict on others. This film is brutal in its statements on love and friendship, but that's what makes it unique among teen films. It ceases being a comedy and becomes a hopelessly romantic film, albeit one doomed to a tragic conclusion. Anyone who has ever found the girl of his dreams and did not win her, will understand. The heartrending crushes of high school are every bit as real as the emotional strains of adulthood, and this film will remind you of that in bold strokes. Gary's final reversal, as he drives away with the inscribed locket, is as poignant a moment as any in cinema. One feels, after watching this, that it's really made of two movies. The first part is a silly teen sexploitation film, and once the story begins, it's a strongly affecting drama. A terrific movie. It should also be noted that the soundtrack was prescient in its selection of many rising stars including The Police, The Cars, Devo, Oingo Boingo, The Plimsouls, The Waitresses, Gleaming Spires, and Phil Seymour.

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