We Take the Low Road (2019) torrent download

We Take the Low Road


Drama / News / Thriller



A Wiki-Leaks release illuminates the collusion among politicians and the medical industry that drives the cost of medical care to an unattainable price for the middle class. With the guilty parties' names and addresses being released, a vigilante movement springs up around the United States. After his father loses the battle with cancer, Mason, along with Thompson and Bobbi, seek violent justice and hope for riches along the way. A shotgun blast sparks a string of unintended consequences that leads the group down a dark road.


Domenic Barbero


Elijah Stevenson
as Teenage Mason
Pisay Pao
as Hospice Worker
Angela DiMarco
as Detective Rocchi
Brian Sutherland
as Thompson Darby

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aidanalderdice 10 /10

The movie isn't even out, and it's already sitting at a 5.2 with 38 votes

For anyone in the future who's looking for honest opinions on the quality of the film, you might want to take these reviews with a grain of salt.

Reviewed by emceegusto 3 /10

Cool concept, but super boring

I was really into this movie for the first ten minutes. I had a very interesting concept: citizens offing pharma execs in retaliation for their moral misgivings. And then.... nothing really happened. Boredom ensued. And ensued. And ensued.

So, yeah. In one word: boring.

Reviewed by natcalgary 6 /10

this movie was released last year at the seattle film festival

So don't listen to the reviewer who is ignorant to that fact.

the movie was slow at parts but i am just glad that the focus was not on the wiki leaks but more on the journey this group took and how it all ended


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