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The Decline of Western Civilization Part III


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The Decline of Western Civilization III is a 1998 documentary film that follows the gutter punk lifestyle of homeless teenagers.


Penelope Spheeris


Rick Wilder
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Gary Fredo
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Reviewed by preppy-3 10 /10

Sad, sobering

The first film "Decline..." showed the birth of punk. This film shows almost 20 years later, what's happened to it. Basically the film is about homeless teenagers who are into punk, living off the streets of LA. It's harrowing to watch and hear what these kids go through each day. Also scary is when they're asked where they'll be 5 years from now, they all answer "dead". Despite what the former poster here said, the director is totally on the sides of the kids. She does not exploit them or ridicule them. She just basically interviews them--where they came from, how they survive, what about the future, etc. She's showing a small portion of society you never really see portrayed in films. Worth watching, but very sad.

Reviewed by ReganRebecca 9 /10

My favourite of the series

Having now watched the entire Decline of Western Civilization series, newly restored and released as one, I can officially say Part III is my favourite of the trilogy. While the previous films focused on beginner punk bands in L.A. (part I), and then the heavy metal following of the 80s (part II), part III nearly completely abandons the musical aspect of the series to instead focus on the punk followers.

Spheeris engages with a group of homeless youth living in downtown L.A. They are mostly teens and mostly look healthy and okay but as she interviews the children they reveal, with unflinching honesty, the abuse that led them to the streets, the boredom of their lives, and their total lack of hope (in one truly touching sequence Spheeris asks her group of misfits where they think they will be in 5 years; most of them reply that they'll be dead.

A truly heartbreaking look at the forgotten youth of America.

Reviewed by othersonofpezcore 10 /10


From the Ashes Of the first wave of Punk Comes a New Generation Of Discarded Youth in LA. this Movie is humorous,exciting,sad,real, and absolutely brilliant. A must for fans of Punk or fans of Penelope Spheeris, and if you like this movie also see Suburbia,Dudes, and of Course The Decline of Western Civilization 1. The New Breed Of Punk will make you laugh,cry, and most of all think. Also Containing Live Performances From Final Conflict, Naked Aggression, Litmus Green, And The Resistance. Penelope Spheeris delves into the lives, mindsets, and culture of these youths, and is also there for various highs and lows which shows a terrific commitment to this terrific document.

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