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The Pick-up Artist


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Romance



In New York City, Jack Jericho, an elementary school teacher who lives with and takes care of his ailing grandmother Nellie, is a bit of a scammer, most notably demonstrated by he continually rehearsing his corny pick-up line in front of the mirror. Along with his good looking but slightly broken down vintage red Camaro convertible and his surface charm, Jack scours the streets for women he is attracted to to use his well-rehearsed pick-up line, he asking the important questions, such as marital status of his potential conquests, after the fact if he asks at all, the answers to which he doesn't really care. These pick-ups work a small percentage of the time, which is good enough for him as he collects his conquests' telephone numbers written down on a well-worn piece of paper he carries around with him at all times. Jack eventually uses his pick-up routine on two women he spies at a nightclub associated with who he will learn is mobster Alonzo Scolara. The first is Lulu, Alonzo's dumb...


James Toback


Molly Ringwald
as Randy Jensen
Robert Downey Jr.
as Jack Jericho
Dennis Hopper
as Flash Jensen
Danny Aiello
as Phil Harper
Harvey Keitel
as Alonzo Scolara
Vanessa Williams
as Rae, Girl with Dog

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WolfHai 5 /10

A summer movie for people under 20 (max!)

The good things first (sing this): Summer in the city!, and the city, New York, the one star in this movie that looks good 'til the very end, is just beautiful. And because it is summer, and because the city looks as good as the women that populate it, we do not ask that whatever Robert Downey is up to in the beginning is in any way "realistic", as long as it is carefree, funny, and playfully energetic. But from then on...

I do not ask of a movie that it be literally truthful, however, there should be some inner truth, a veracity in the characters or a thoughtful comment on life or something--and this movie does not have any of it. It seems that most of the characters are caricatures, such as the alcoholic gambling father, the mafia bad guy and his entourage (a whole armada with Italian accents), the corrupt policeman, and the Columbian rich man; nobody is in any way real, not even three-dimensional. (I did like the bad guy's girlfriend though, probably also a caricature, but at least flirty, lively, and refreshing.) On top of that, our romantic couple has no chemistry (at least not any I can detect), always deadly for a romantic comedy. The philosophic sentences about life and relationships that come out of our protagonists' mouths are, well let's say, completely beside the point. They are probably supposed to show that our characters are "serious", and maybe if I was 16 again, I would find these parts of the movie "deep", but at my age, I just find them false and somewhat annoying.

So, if you have seen this movie already, I hope you enjoyed the city, the summer, Robert Downey... and maybe some thing or other that I have missed.

Reviewed by stills-6 6 /10

Goes downhill fast after promising opening

One plot device that the movie turns on is absolutely unbelievable. I won't spoil it, but it stands out like a sore thumb. The opening twenty minutes or so are nicely done as the two leads get to know one another, sort of. After their lives are revealed to each other things get very dull and I can't get past the inanity of this plot point.

I thought Molly Ringwald was good in her role, what there was of it. The script is awful and that's a good deal of the problem, but there's no chemistry here, either.

Reviewed by rc_brazil 5 /10

Why do I like this movie?

It really is a mystery for me, why I like this film. I guess that, before going on, I must introduce myself - usually I'm considered quite a film buff, and my favorite film decade actually is the 1930's. Why, then, would I even bother to watch a Molly Ringwald - Robert Downey, Jr. film from the 80's which has a terrible reputation? Good question. I caught it on TV the other day by accident. It tells a dull story (a girl must get 25 thousand dollars to pay off her alcoholic father's gambling debts and finds a womanizing teacher who eventually helps her out of it, if it makes any sense) with a lot of implausible moments - the scene of the robber singing Elvis, for instance, like another comment mentioned - but it does have a lot of familiar faces and I found all performances likable, particularly that of Downey Jr - but then again, his talent should never be in question, in spite of all his drug problems. Ringwald and Downey have great chemistry and pull of what could've become quite unwatchable. In the end of the day, I liked it and didn't think it was a time waster. If you watch it, maybe you'll be able to tell me why. It's been bothering me.

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