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Mr Calzaghe


Action / Biography / Documentary / Sport



The story of the rise to glory of boxer Joe Calzaghe.


Vaughan Sivell

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kingston-ken 10 /10

Watch this even if you are not a boxing fan!

What a wonderful docu-movie this is. It has it all, a marvelous story, excellent directorship, powerful editing and a score you will love. I so enjoyed this and would heartily recommended it to all, boxing fan or not. It may be too simplistic but this movie is to boxing what Senna was to motor racing, the sport is secondary it is first and foremost a human story and what a story it is!

Surprisingly the "real" star of the story is possibly not even Joe Calzaghe but his Dad, Enzo. How someone with no boxing pedigree can bring his son to the pinnacle of sporting stardom is truly a joy to watch!

Enjoy, I am sure you will feel better having watched Mr Calzaghe than you did when you sat down to watch it.

Reviewed by Ben898989 10 /10

Great Sport documentary!

I've seen a lot of boxing documentaries and this is definitely one of the best. Great story! Great characters (the dad is one of a kind)! Great direction! Great story! The movie starts with his amateur career and ends with his final fight against Roy Jones Junior. Pretty normal for a boxing documentary. The difference is that this one is put together very well by people who know what they are doing. The production value is higher than I'm used to of sport documentaries.

It really surprised me how compelling this film was. It just pulls you in and doesn't let you go. This one is a real gem. People who aren't really into boxing, but love to watch sports documentaries, for them this is a must-watch. 10/10

Reviewed by RobTortureWright 9 /10

Insightful and Emotional Journey

Truly insightful and emotional look into the boxing career of one the most underrated fighters of all time. Deep meaningful words were spoke by everybody involved in this film and the footage shown was wonderfully edited and let us see the real evolution of his days from a young talented boxer in wales to becoming a boxing sensation fighting at Madison square garden.

One standout was Gareth A Davies who gave a real journalists insight into his fights and how he was captivated by Joe and what he done for the sport. The interviews also had a few big name stars who it was nice to know were Calzaghe fans and to hear their insight was great. The story at times was emotional and you felt for Joe and what he had to overcome to get the legacy he wanted and deserved.

The ending was masterfully done and showed that Joe is now living the life he always wanted with his loving family by his side, Amazing documentary.

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