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Action / Horror / Thriller



In Europe, a group of American college athletes unknowingly board a train that will become one deadly ride.


Gideon Raff

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Reviewed by dschmeding 1 /10

How can one writer mess up this big??

"Train" has to be one of the most ridiculous movies ever. The script is such a mess that you can't count the illogical moments and plot holes. First of all it is an obvious "Hostel"-Ripoff... a group of wrestlers goes to Russia for a wrestling contests and drops off for a party in a Russian town which causes them to split with their group and miss their train. From here on you can replace the hostel with a train and the Snuff-fun with organ-reaping. Guess what, they get on a train after a "nice" lady helps them since no one speaks English (of course) and they don't know a word Russian (which helps when being in Russia) and soon some real strange Russian guys turn up while one after the other of the wrestlers goes missing. You get some pretty graphic torture-scenes, mostly shot in the dark and with the typical modern gritty style but the best part is.... exactly that makes no sense when you have a train in your plot with doctors who harvest organs to sell. What we learn off this movie is: - if you harvest organs, keep your victims alive while doing it and pummel them with knuckle dusters and pee on them when capturing them - when removing organs, just tear them out... eyes can be ripped out with funny instruments in one move, hearts are best taken out after sawing open the living victims chest and then looking for treasures with your bare hands... oh yes, and the cut- off penis sure also was of use for some one. - a grown males torn out eyes are best transplanted to an 8year old boy. - Russian thugs are damn evil (partly they look like Lord of the Rings Characters) and powerful... when your heroine hides under the train they just push the train with their incredible Russian power, just to get an axe into the torso for their effort - When you are left in a Russian village, all your friends are dead and a strange mass of people walks through the dark just follow them - Russian thugs look like bears but move like cats, so you never hear them crawling up behind you (about 10 times in the movie), especially not when you are standing in the middle of an empty bridge. - if you aim for modern horror audiences graphic torture and repeated raw punches into womens faces seem to be some kind of recipe for success - when you blow up a train on a bridge and leave a thug on the rails, the part of the train you disconnected miraculously disappears so the thug can be overrun by another train for dramatic effect - if you are lost somewhere in the Russian hills in a country where you cannot communicate... you just return home to the USA, so the lazy director does not have to make up more ridiculous ideas. - if you want to quit wrestling to be a doctor and you live through a gory nightmare like this its just logical that you continue wrestling with a pretty Russian new haircut

I have rarely seen a movie with so many plot-holes and idiotic situations while obviously having some budget and known actors (BTW... the parts where Thora Birch breaks out of heroine character and shows emotions are a mess) and being a totally calculated cash-off on the torture-porn hype. With movies like this you need your directors license revoked for a hundred reasons and its a shame that movies like "Train" are paid for while hundreds of good scripts will never be made into movies. Stay away, far away from this.

Reviewed by mattbaxter72 2 /10

Never mind the movie, feel the splatter

Torture porn is a really overused description, one that tends to be slapped onto anything with a bit of blood and guts which the reviewer didn't like very much. Hostel, for example, is nothing like it; it has a storyline, characters, even a bit of subtext going on there. Real porn is where the splatter has no reason to exist, there are no actual characters, and no plot other than to get us from one splatter scene to the next. Train is genuine torture porn.

Oh, sure, there is an attempt at a plot, but not one that makes any sense. Organ harvesters - on a train? Rumbling through the middle of nowhere, taking out bits of bodies by yanking at them until the connecting tissue snaps? Harvesting tongues, penises, and other not-exactly-transplantable organs? The whole movie is just an excuse to show some graphic, very nasty scenes of dismemberment, shot in leering close-up, and anything else - character, plot, dialogue - is perfunctory at best. The script feels like it was written on the back of a cigarette packet, no one behaves in a remotely sensible way - 'oh look, here's a locked door with copious blood-stains in front of it, let's find out what's behind it by STEPPING OUT OF A MOVING TRAIN AND SMASHING A WINDOW FROM THE OUTSIDE. What school do these kids go to, James Bond High School? Let me say again - I've got no objection to graphic splatter, so long as there's some point to it. If there's no worthwhile story, no reason for the gore to exist, you have porn. This movie, in other words. A nasty, degrading experience made by stupid people who probably think they're pushing some boundary or other. You're not, guys. You're just stringing together a bunch of random scenes of people being chopped up. Well done.

Just one thing before I go - what the hell happened to Thora Birch? Between this and Deadline (also unbelievably awful, though with less people having their skin cut off), is she aiming to be the new Cuba Gooding Jr or something? Please, Thora, fire your agent and start doing actual movies again. Pretty please?

Reviewed by doctorgonzo23 4 /10

Hostel meets Touristas

Not exactly sure what I was expecting with this one. I figured, hey, Thora Birch is in this, it can't be ALL bad. A bunch of American kids traveling around in a train getting terrorized in some fashion... sounds watchable. Unfortunately, I was not satisfied.

If my comment title hasn't tipped you off yet, you're in for an hour and a half of equal parts torture porn and survival horror. There's nothing new here and no worth while twists to raise this movie above (or even up to the level of) many similar genre pictures. It seems to meas if all the horror directors have tired of setting their pictures in the rural south, invariably populated with crazed backwoods cannibals and have instead focused on semi-fictional demonic visions of Eastern Europe populated by depraved butchers for hire. The acting is flat and the characters are so unlikeable (not to mention the lack of definition or development) you just can't muster any emotional ties. You won't even find yourself rooting for the bad guy here... you just won't care.

There is one facet of the movie that does seem to shine though. Love it or hate it, the gore in this film is so over the top and just down right rotten and visceral that it will produce a response. The camera does not flinch away... ever. I guess we're all just too complacent as horror fans these days. Gore like this used to be able to carry a film on the merits of the blood spilled alone, as the super bloody extreme cinema was relatively rare, often found only in hard core Asian productions. Now, every movie you watch seems to be teeming with so much of it that we as fans are beginning to demand more than just a slasher guts fest.

There are so many cool horror movies out there that invest their time and effort in delivering more in terms of originality. Unless you're curious, I would seek out something with more depth.

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