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On the morning of May 10, 1996, climbers from two commercial expeditions start their final ascent toward the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth. With little warning, a violent storm strikes the mountain, engulfing the adventurers in one of the fiercest blizzards ever encountered by man. Challenged by the harshest conditions imaginable, the teams must endure blistering winds and freezing temperatures in an epic battle to survive against nearly impossible odds.


Baltasar Kormákur


Jason Clarke
as Rob Hall
Jake Gyllenhaal
as Scott Fischer
Josh Brolin
as Beck Weathers
John Hawkes
as Doug Hansen
Sam Worthington
as Guy Cotter
Robin Wright
as Peach Weathers
Keira Knightley
as Jan Arnold

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fffuuuuu 7 /10

Worth watching but could have been lots better

I think the main problem with this movie is a loose focus. It seems like they tried to make a disaster, drama and documentary stories at the same time but failed to develop any of that properly. But the good things first: stunning scenery, overall tension and a few really great scenes make this movie worth watching without a doubt. It is just somehow not working as a single piece. With a fast start you expect some eventful action to follow but there's nothing like that. The characters developing is limited to a couple of sentences excluding Rob Hall and Beck Weathers what makes others a little more than forgettable 'guys who die first'. For some reason, Scott Fisher, being a smart capable mountaineer is shown as a careless hippie-like person, Anatoli Boukreev as a cliché tough Russian playing garmon in a tent, Beck Weathers as a hardly-realistic guy from Texas. But it doesn't matter anyways as when the masks put on it's really hard to follow who is who and and their position on the mountain, especially on descending. The whole day of May 11 is clumsy and hardly could be learned from the movie, on the summit the story switches to Rob completely and gets distractingly touchy-feely then slowly turning into the aftermath. The drama feels a bit out of place when other participants dying with little or no attention. I was disappointed. The most vivid scene of the movie turned out to be shown in the trailer (crevasse ladder). Another Beck Weathers scene was really powerful too, but otherwise I didn't feel the pressure of surviving, the height itself (the stormy clouds could be seen from 2000 as well), an incredible effort to even try to step on that track.

Andre Bredenkamp writes about Everest climb: "You get completely disorientated. I had to keep reminding myself I was climbing a mountain. Every step of the way I had to try to motivate myself. At that altitude I took at least 10 to 15 breaths each time I moved one foot."

So if you really want to feel the height I would rather recommend to read the books about that night as this movie failed to show it properly.

Reviewed by Rickting 7 /10

It's got more sting than one may think

Everest looked like a generic disaster movie made purely for the big screen in the trailers. Not so. It tells the true story of a disastrous climbing expedition which took place in 1996. Since this is a true story, there's less room for the emotional manipulation and over the top set pieces which would have been expected. The film admirably follows the true story faithfully and doesn't sensationalize events. The way in which the film was marketed was misleading. There isn't as much action as the posters and trailers suggested. It's more of a realistic survival story than a big scale disaster flick. As a result, some may leave the theatre disappointed. Everest is an unexpectedly solid movie, but it certainly has its problems. There are definitely moments where the film loses your attention a bit, while a lot of the character deaths aren't given enough impact and seem rushed. In some ways, the part involving the climb to the top is more enjoyable than the slightly underdeveloped and occasionally rushed second half focusing on the disaster.

Still, this will surprise you. It's a tense movie rather than a really thrilling one, which is a pleasant surprise and shows the film's maturity and restraint. Despite the many characters, they are all developed enough to sympathise with. It's got a very good cast for a disaster movie, and they all give good performances. Even Keira Knightly and Sam Worthington are bearable. The film's big surprise is its emotional impact. This is a tragic story with one of the best- and saddest- final shots of the year. Not everyone makes it out alive. As a result, it's not as forgettable as it looked from the marketing. The direction is pretty good as well and doesn't show off the visuals, instead focusing on the suspense and the characters. Obviously it's not full of really developed characters, but not every film can be so that's not a problem. Everest is a solid, satisfactory survival film with a strong cast, tense set pieces and a surprise emotional punch, although it feels somewhat rushed despite it's 2 hour runtime.


Reviewed by thegreatape 9 /10

No good guys, no bad guys, just the facts as they are known

I always find my viewing experience of the retelling of historical events ruined when I come across scenes which I know have been added for dramatic effect or when someone is played as a bad guy just to let us know who to root for.

The King's Speech was particularly guilty of the former, the portrayal of other teams in Glory Road had the latter, and The Imitation Game was shamelessly guilty of both. I'm not saying this made them bad films, but it certainly made me feel like the experience had strayed away from a retelling of the facts as known.

Everest is everything that is good in such a film. There is no needless good v evil addition and no leading the viewer to conclusions. It tells the story and I have since spent three or four days thinking about the hows, whys and wherefores... whilst knowing I will never find an answer.

The other touch that really elevates this film is that there are no added action sequences that have been added to make Everest more of an action move. The film makers have been intelligent enough to realise that climbing Everest does not need any exaggeration, the characters involved were three dimensional people, and the story was interesting enough not to need embellishment.

I expected an action film but left pleasantly surprised by a biopic with a light touch.

The one mark deduction is for the totally unnecessary 3D. The film absolutely didn't need me wearing dumb glasses to be three dimensional.

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