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Kevin Hart: I'm a Grown Little Man


Comedy / Documentary



With his wisecracking one-of-a-kind style of comedy, Kevin Hart pokes fun at everyone - even his audience.


Shannon Hartman


Kevin Hart
as Himself

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Reviewed by byrann_gowan 8 /10

I wasn't a big fan of Kevin Hart before this. Now...

I'm going to give this a short review. I never was a fan of Kevin Hart beforehand; I always found him loud and abrasive. However, after seeing this, I have a completely different viewpoint. The dude is funny! The bit about his kids is especially hilarious. Needless to say, go and watch this if you want to have a laugh because it is FUNNY! I will probably watch some more of his stuff soon!

Reviewed by chaos-rampant N/A


I saw this together with a show by Chappelle and had to marvel at the contrasting ways of presenting a self that you surround with jokes and how that creates the room.

Chappelle is laid back and slick, floats around in bemused observation, makes fun of what he knows to be the case; when he talks about racial disparity, it's without real surprise (for him or, he's pretty sure, for you) at what's going on in streets he knows.

Hart by contrast is over-eager, loudly crashes around from one situation to the next, makes fun of attitudes via making fun of how he looks, suburban rather than inner city; the recurring joke is that he's short and scared of macho thuggery but will indulge the role if he thinks he can get away with it.

Chappelle only sporadically puts himself in the thing, lets out of himself, whereas Hart is intensely about how the world confounds him and conveys that pull with manic hysteria. Only part of that is what comes out his mouth, the rest is in his body, face and how a narrator presents himself.

What I mean is that one of the funniest jokes here is about his family embarrassing him as a unit. Coming from Chappelle's mouth (or worse, Seinfield) who coolly floats around it would register as a bit callow and smug; coming from Hart it's a riot because he's already put himself in the world as an embarrassment to himself and to his wife.

So it's a bit one-note; he's short and not heroic. The gag with a vengeful ostrich or the story about white rafting in Tennessee that reveals an incidental indifference to human beings (both racist and not) are the kind of thing that is years in the making and meticulously prepared for you. But notice when you watch this how smoothly he slips into a character who slips.

Reviewed by sinistersons 10 /10

Take Notes

I honestly don't know how he tops this, Take notes Comics...Enough Said. Go Watch it

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