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Metallica Through the Never


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A young Metallica roadie named Trip (Dane DeHaan) embarks on an apocalyptic journey through a decimated urban landscape as the band plays to a sold-out arena crowd in this high-concept concert film from director Nimrod Antal (Predators). As the band takes the stage before thousands of screaming fans, Trip is informed that a driver tasked with delivering a crucial item has gotten stranded on the other side of the city. It's his job to recover it, but getting there won't be easy because as the elaborate concert gets underway, rioters and police begin clashing in the streets. The city is burning, and a mysterious, masked figure on horseback is thriving on the chaos. When Trip incurs the wrath of the ruthless, hammer-wielding psycho and his marauding gang, he realizes that he may not live long enough to complete his mission. Meanwhile, the show must go on, and Metallica thrills the crowd with a thunderous collection of classics that include "Creeping Death", "Ride the Lightning", "Master ...


Nimród Antal

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Reviewed by Medowmeal 5 /10

If you're looking for a concert, then you will love it. If you want a movie, welll....

now, I'm quite the metallica fan, so naturally when i heard they were making a movie, i was psyched, confused by the trailer but still.

I watched it in 3d with all the overpriced sugar and toppings of today's cinemas, and it was truly a great experience. The sound was superb. But as to the actual movie, it was (a bit to my disappointment) almost entirely a concert. The 'story' about trip and his 'trip' has probably a total running time of 10-15 min. They said the were making a movie, they advertised it like a movie, so i imagined it wouldn't be 85% concert. It's a great concert though.

I gave it a 5 because i simply didn't know how to rate this. The fact is: if you love metallica and want to see a concert DVD with some interesting and surreal side story between songs, then you will love this and it would be a 7.5/10. But if you want to see a movie by J.Hetfield coupled with metallica songs, your gonna have a... well not a bad time, just not a very good one either.

Reviewed by dinko-bakic 6 /10

Great Metallica concert but I wouldn't call it a movie.

I just got home and thought I had to write something about this movie.

First of all, I've seen Metallica 9 times live, and I am a fan, but when it comes to their movies, I get sceptical. Remember "Some Kind of Monster"? The movie starts off with an introduction of all characters, which seems unnecessary, except the roadie character Trip (DeHaan).

The band starts their show and Trip gets an unexpected assignment. It seems to me that DeHaan's parts are not more than 10 Minutes in the whole movie.

The rest of the movie is just an awesome Metallica gig with their stage sets from the past, well at least Lady Justice and the Enter Sandman part from the "cunning stunts" video/DVD - box from 1997 and of course some new stage setting ideas.

The roadie has to look for an item, which is somewhere in the city, which seems to be in a parallel universe or Trip is having a trip.

*Spoiler* Its a leather satchel bag, which the band needs to play the gig. As Trip finds it he looks inside, but the viewer cant see whats in it. When Trip then returns to the venue, the movie is over and we are left, not knowing whats in there. BUT if you are a Metallica fan, and stay in your seat, you probably can assume what it is, as the band plays "Orion" during the credits... I read it somewhere else a few minutes ago and I also thought the same while seeing the ending credits,... it's probably Cliff Burtons soul, because its always with Metallica.

A good ending honoring a great bass player!

Reviewed by gordlaws 9 /10

A truly magnificent, astonishingly ambitious project

Before anyone starts going off-topic in the comments, yes, I'm a fan. I also understand the irony of starting with that statement. My point: this is a review of a cinema experience. An outstanding one. Made more exciting to me because it happens to be by and about my favourite band. This is NOT a discussion of the merits of said band's existence. Although it will strike a mighty blow for Metallica when those arguments do inevitably come up, hopefully elsewhere. Moving swiftly along...

This is just a truly mind-blowing sensory overload. Never has a band showcased their live performance with such an ambitious, technical, multi-sensory project. I wouldn't have even thought it possible. They don't just use the handy 3D technology to add gimmick to the next in a long line of live video releases. No. Metallica have pushed the boundaries of the technology itself, and added dimensions to what we see as possible within the realm of 3D cinema.

I had the privilege of chatting with Lars about this when they played some shows here in March, and he described it as their "attempt to truly showcase what they do and who they are." Man, does this emphatically succeed.

The stage is a kind of mutant super-setup, comprising video screens, pyro, tesla coils and the best parts of everything they've ever done in their live shows. As the audience, you're in/on/under/part-of the stage, alongside the band, in glorious 3D.

And, it's tasteful. In as much as Metallica at their tightest, hardest, loudest, biggest and fiercest can be "tasteful."

As for the little story within what is really the best ever technical and technological presentation of a rock concert, it's a lovely compliment to the energy of the performance itself. I don't wanna give-away too much, but as the show begins, a young roadie is sent on an errand. Things go badly (surreally and beautifully) wrong. It's not just exhilarating, but wonderfully interwoven with the songs and the "storylines" within them.

I'm proud to have seen Metallica live seven times. I count this as the eighth. And it probably ranks fourth amongst those eight live (or, in this case, damn-near live) experiences. Truly, truly mind-blowing.

Metallica have truly - and astonishingly - documented what they do and why they are the very best there's ever been at doing it.

Essential for fans, and absolutely worthwhile for all but the most hateful of heavy music in general. Bravo.

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