Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip (2015) torrent download

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Music



Alvin, Simon, Theodore have been living with, and annoying, Dave Seville for about 8 years now. Now they discover that Dave has a girlfriend and worry that he'll dump them for her. To save their relationship with Dave, the Chipmunks must find a way to stop him from proposing.


Walt Becker


Justin Long
as Alvin (voice)
Bella Thorne
as Ashley Grey

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sidneyfmn 9 /10

The best the producers could make!

I am a fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks since 2013. This is a review from my heart. I really loved the movie. For it is the best of the four movies. The movie is funny, have a wonderful songs and a great story. However there are two things I disliked. All right, I understand why the Chipettes' role was smaller, but why it had to be in that way? The second thing I disliked on the movie was the lack of affection between Simon and Jeanette, I understand that they had a movie for them (Chipwrecked), but the producers could had put something like Simon calling Jeanette during his trip. I love them so much ! Anyway, the movie is perfect and it worths the money!

Reviewed by muslimbellydancer 10 /10

Me and my dear son Muhammad enjoyed watching this great family movie.

I can not believe how this great family movie is so underrated despite the fact it is a terrific movie.

Me and my dear son Muhammad enjoyed watching this perfect family movie from the beginning to the end. The low ratings does not clearly prove that the film is bad.Also,the negative comments by movie critics and IMDb critics don't necessarily mean that this movie is bad at all.

It is important to tell you that this film: "Alvin and The Chipmunks:The Road Chip" is currently achieving enormous international success at the movie box office. In the USA,it is a new entry at number 2 and elsewhere,it is number 1.(This is a very good evidence that despite the low rating,the movie is successful ).

Finally,I advise every person whether an adult or a child who want a fantastic comedy/adventure movie is to see this movie and you will be quite happy.

Reviewed by linusferris 10 /10

alvin and the CHIPMUnks THE roaD cHIp is a MOderN MastERPiece

this film is really GOOD no for real this is good because whats not to love about singing chipmunks? i like the story i like the singing i like the animation IT is insulting that so little people have given this film a 10/10 like why is it that only 1000 people gave it 10/10 like why not everyone ??????????????? leave a 'HELPFUL' review of this review if u liked it THANK YOU Alvin and the chipmunks the road chip is as good as Alvin and the chipmunks : the resurrection BY THE WAY i haven't seen the film can anyone tell me what it's about i love you alvin please marry me and have my third child, but secretly i like the green shirt one better. by the way why is it alvin and the chipmunks why not green shirt and the chipmunks. i really like the film though. THANK you alvin.!

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