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Invasion U.S.A.


Action / Thriller



A terrorist, Rostov, is planning to unleash a reign of terror on the U.S.. But before he does he decides to go after Matt Hunter, a former CIA agent who lives in Florida. Hunter once had Rostov's life in his hands, but on orders took him alive, and now Rostov is plagued by nightmares of Hunter killing him. So Rostov goes after him but misses, so Hunter, who has already been approached by his former employers to go after Rostov, after initially turning down the job, because he believed that they should have let him terminate Rostov when he had the chance, decides to go after him. But he is only one man and Rostov has hundreds of men ripping the country apart, so how will he stop it?


Joseph Zito


Chuck Norris
as Matt Hunter
Richard Lynch
as Mikhail Rostov
Eddie Jones
as Cassidy
Jon DeVries
as Johnston

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wheels128 9 /10

Details not necessary. Rocket launchers more important.

Invasion U.S.A. can only be described as one of the finest examples of how to put brilliant action sequences before any vague realms of plot. But what if this movie was factually accurate? Here's a list of things I discovered while watching this film:

  • When a large amount of cocaine is under the floor of a boat, and the people on that boat need to be moved, you shoot them all and they'll not only miraculously fall away from the door to the cocaine, but not one bag of coke will be damaged, despite firing about a thousand bullets at the boat.

  • All Cuban refugees that arrive in the Florida area wear identical plain white underwear and shorts.

  • Chuck Norris can single-handedly take down tens of terrorists, but needs help to take on one alligator.

  • Prostitutes carry flick knives.

  • The guards to a big drug dealer only need to be shot at twice, and they'll then die of fear. There's no other way to explain their deaths despite not being hit by either bullet sent in their direction.

  • The main characters to a movie don't need any background. Rostov is known only by name, as is Hunter, while the terrorist 2IC isn't given a surname. No further details on the pasts of these characters are necessary for you to understand what's going on, especially the dream sequence.

  • A terrorist leader who has no qualms about killing boatloads of refugees, houses of innocent people and blowing up shopping centres goes into uncontrollable rages about one-liners like "It's time to die."

  • The head of Hunter's ex-agency (NSA? CIA? FBI? Who cares!) gets to his place via a rowboat, and comes alone.

  • A variety of bad guys blow Hunter's house up with a lot of rocket launchers, machine guns and RPGs, with the intent of killing him - yet don't check that he's dead afterwards.

  • Rocket launchers carry six rockets without the need to reload.

  • Likewise, shotguns carry around 17 shots without the need to reload.

  • Terrorists who have important business to get to don't do it, because they need to go into clubs to pick up cheap, old hookers who are slightly overweight.

  • Between six guys with automatic weapons, they're unable to hit the windows in Chuck Norris's car, or put it out of commission. Despite firing around 500 bullets.

  • Uzis are more accurate than any other weapon. Mostly because Chuck Norris is firing them.

  • A professional photographer, when riding in a car that's attempting to chase a hostage-taking terrorist down, doesn't take any photos.

  • It's impossible to blow up terrorists with their own bombs unless you deliver a one-liner first.

  • School children sing "Row, row, row your boat..." for minutes endlessly while on a school bus.

  • Chuck Norris catches up to a moving bus over 250 metres ahead of him, picks a bomb off it, catches up to a speeding car of terrorists, who are clearly a long way ahead of the bus, places the bomb on their car and drives off. In under 25 seconds. From a standing start.

  • Automatic weapons, like shotguns and rocket launchers, carry more bullets than you can physically fit into the weapons.

  • When you're involved in a fight with a fast opponent, where mobility and fast firing is imperative, a rocket launcher truly is the weapon of choice. Then again, it does hold six shots.

In closing, it's time to die.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 /10

Only in the movies...

A cheese fan's dream, with Chuck Norris on top form as a gun-toting hardman out to single-handedly stop the invasion of America by those pesky Russians. From start to finish, INVASION U.S.A. is one of Cannon's most outrageous and over-the-top action epics, featuring a plethora of outlandish action scenarios all achieved on what must have been a relatively low budget.

The movie features B-movie stalwart Richard Lynch as a deranged madman out for revenge on our bearded hero. Along the way, Lynch takes care of sleazy coke dealer Billy Drago and his coke-snorting prostitute in one of the most violently laughable set-pieces ever put on film. From then on in, it's Chuck versus the terrorists. Our hero proves fast with his mini machine guns and even faster with his one-liners, dispatching crim after crim in a series of spectacular showdowns. Highlights include the attempted bombing of a school bus and a massive shoot-out in a shopping mall (so good they copied it in Seagal's MARKED FOR DEATH).

Things end with a massive battle that provides a maximum number of explosions for your dollar – even if one scene of an exploding van is repeated three times, each from a different angle in an attempt to make it look like a different vehicle. Supporting characters are wisely kept out of the way, walls are demolished, the scenery-chewing hits an all-time high and Chuck doesn't even attempt characterisation (in fact, he barely even speaks). No, this was the same year that COMMANDO came out and automatic weaponry ruled the box office. It's an action fan's delight, proving far funnier than any mainstream comedy you can name.

Reviewed by OldSwede N/A

They Don´t Make Such Movies Any More!

This is an 80s Action-Movie you have never seen before. Of course, nowadays this flick looks ridiculous, but considering that in the early 80s there were no Action-Comedy-Movies (like "Lethal Weapon"), this is outstanding. I think, the plot is not very realistic but interesting. What if a bunch of crazy terrorists just blows up everything that is holy for the U.S.? Yeah, the Chuck-Norris-One-Man-Army is ludicrous but in the 80s we just didn´t have Jackie Chan. Besides that, the film is extremely violent. The scene with the two teenagers at the beach getting headshots for nothing but being on the wrong place at the wrong time is still giving me bad times. This is something, no other action-movie in the 80s had: They take no prisoners. The victims are all innocent and they even dare to kill kids! Last time this happened was when the little girl in "Assault on Precinct 13" got shot! Plus: If you like gunfights, this is the movie for you. I think, this film is underestimated. Not, because it´s good, but because it´s different. SPOILER ALERT! Memorable Scenes include: A Man gets shot in his nuts several times. A Woman sniffs cocaine and gets the straw beaten in her nose (after that she is thrown out a skyscraper-window). A Couple doing Petting on the beach earn headshots. Several houses get Bazooka-Shots during Christmas-Vacation. Hundreds of Immigrants from Cuba don´t get asylum but hot lead from an M-40.

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