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Kindergarten Cop 2


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Hot on the trail of the Eastern-European criminal kingpin, Zogu, unexpectedly, the old-school F.B.I. Agent, Reed, finds himself at a well-organised elementary school. Knowing that Zogu is after a tiny flash drive containing highly sensitive information, Reed has to pose as a substitute kindergarten teacher to stand a chance of retrieving the precious item that is hidden somewhere in the classroom of a mysteriously deceased instructor. Now, like a fish out of water, Reed needs to take control of the class without blowing his cover; however, this is easier said than done. Can tough officer Reed gain the classroom's confidence before it's too late?


Don Michael Paul

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Reviewed by nicodimus22 N/A

A cheap imitation that fails at both comedy and drama.

While the original film was not exactly a cinematic masterpiece, it was an enjoyable movie for many different people. It worked because of Arnold's surprisingly excellent interaction with the kids. It had a balance of light-heartedness and seriousness as he flipped between his teaching job and his real job as an undercover cop looking for a witness. There were plenty of laughs, but when it was time to get serious, it actually did get intense and suspenseful.

This movie is such a disappointment. The people who made it seem to have watched the original movie, but had no idea why it worked. To begin with, the villains in this movie are actually portrayed as comic relief, rather than a real threat, which completely undermines any dramatic tension in the movie. You never once feel that the kids or Dolph is in any real danger, so there is zero suspense. Nothing is at stake. His partner embodies just about every racial stereotype under the sun, which is offensive and reeks of lazy screen writing. (I'd like to say the word 'screen writing' but IMDb is forcing me to make it two words. How ironic that a site 100% dedicated to film doesn't recognize that as a word.)

As much as I enjoy him in other films, Dolph seems like he's just kind of going through the motions doesn't seem like he's putting forth any effort to connect with the kids or seem overwhelmed...he just gets lots of finger paint on his shirt and calls it a day. He never acts like there is any danger during the action scenes, further undermining any suspense that the audience might feel. To be fair, the script is poor, so he doesn't have much to work with.

As I mentioned, the dramatic element is tossed straight out the window, making this a straight-up comedy. But, there's a problem. I don't know who would find this movie funny...maybe Adam Sandler fans? Larry The Cable Guy fans? There is a scene of a fat man getting his nuts zapped with a taser that lasts about a minute, so that should give you an idea of the level of humor that you're in for.

Reviewed by mbrooks-8 3 /10

What is the point of this movie?

Should there be a time limit for releasing a sequel? The original movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger came out in 1990, that's a quarter of a century ago, and now we have a sequel that doesn't even have Arnie it. What is the bloody point?

I'm not sure who the intended audience Kindergarten Cop 2 is, certainly not fans of the original, so my guess it's for little kids who like pee jokes and line dancing. Wait, do kids like line dancing? So if you want to see Dolph Lundgren get peed on, wear a cowboy hat and make out with someone a quarter of his age then this could be the film for you. If you are looking for an actual comedy check to see if the original one is on Netflix.

Note: The film even has the cliché angry boss who yells at our hero even though that stereotype had already been lampooned in The Last Action Hero back in 1993.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 5 /10

Kindergarten Cop 2: Not nearly as bad as you'd imagine

Of all the movies to make a sequel to, why Kindergarten cop? 26yrs after the original, to make a senseless sequel seems mindless especially if it'll have absolutely no connection to the original.

So once again an officer of the law finds himself posing as a teacher and bites off more than he can chrew all in an effort to get to the bottom of a case he's working on.

Essentially this could easily be considered a reboot, it's highly similiar to the original movie and again has NO connection to the Arnie 1990 original.

Sadly 26yrs later a lot has changed and moving with the times hasn't suited Kindergarten Cop 2 in the slightest. The original still had that late 80's goofiness about it, one of those films you could sit down with your kids and watch and they'd both enjoy it and not be subject to anything they shouldn't.

This sequel however is more modern, lacks that goofiness and in my opinion isn't family friendly. I'm not saying it's violent or sex filled, I'm simply saying it's not aimed at the tykes and they will neither enjoy nor understand much of it.

Take away from the fact it simply shouldn't exist and you have a film which is a lot better than you imagine, but still not very good.

The Good:

Aleks Paunovic

Harmless enough fun

The Bad:

Stock scream

Not as family friendly as the first

Paint by numbers stuff

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

The FBI won't react to the code word to begin a raid until a person explains that it was a code word

Candy vending machines are bullet proof due to frustrated police officers shooting them

Being a decent person is "Liberal BS"

This movie actually managed to make living in a trailer appealing

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