Psy 3: W imie zasad (2020) torrent download

Psy 3: W imie zasad


Action / Crime / Drama



Franz Maurer is released after 25 years in prison and finds a completely changed Poland.


Władysław Pasikowski


Bogusław Linda
as Franz Maurer
Cezary Pazura
as Podporucznik Waldemar Morawiec "Nowy"
Mirosław Baka
as Komendant

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blauregenbogen 10 /10

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Brilliant a old polish cast Linda,Pazura. Mr Pasikowaki knows how to make a good entertaining movie in polish style .Well done

Reviewed by jkg-82303 8 /10


Best ever come back !!!! Have same amazing taste from 90's and Linda Pazyra just perfect!!!! Young boys as well !!!! Solid 8 !!!

Reviewed by ziebo23 3 /10

Tastes like kotlet refried after 25 years.

I hoped that Pasikowski will come back and show Patryk Vega how old school director can still make a good Polish crime drama. Unfortunately this is not the case. Wooden forced dialogues are painfully delivered by tired actors that have nothing to offer other than almost comedic attitude. No one in real life speaks in a way it's written. It's painfully obvious that Pasikowski tried to build dialogs based on oneliners (it's part of his style). He ended up creating his own unnatural version of spoken Polish language, that sounds ridiculous. It makes the whole story unbelievable and hard to follow. The only thing this film has in common with previews Pasikowski films is his fixation on hiring long legged models that can't act (almost all female parts). It's pathetic cash grabbing attempt of film making rather than actual drama. The whole movie is boring cliche of crime cinema. Boguslaw Linda is deflated like a tire that got shot at. Cezary Pazura is as bad as always, still trying to be funny and can't even do that any more. Younger generation actors that normally do decent job on screen get pushed aside and are unable to shine. Shame that kind of cinema is being even made. Waste of money that could go to making something good by one of talented Polish directors. Only thing that isn't annoying about this film is maybe soundtrack that somehow fits the boring script.

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