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After thousands of years of thinking we are alone in the universe we decode a message (in the 60s) telling us we are not alone, and that the universe is a dangerous place and that we are going to be attacked. Luckily, the coded message came from a friendly alien race that fathered and protected us over the years. And now they are giving us the tools to fight back (in the form of power armor). But the delivery service takes a long time, and during those loooong decades waiting for that cargo ship to arrive with their one power suit, they choose a champion of earth to train to wear the suit and defend the earth! Then the ship finally arrives... Only to get shot down by 4 morons who play with the suit and ultimately get one piece each stuck to them. Now they need to work with the government to train these 4 morons with individual pieces attached to them. Will they save the day or will they stand around contemplating life?


Matt Hullum

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Reviewed by Hellmant 6 /10

Not a complete waste of time, but it's nothing special either.

'LAZER TEAM': Three Stars (Out of Five)

A sci-fi action-comedy flick; directed, co-written and co-produced by Matt Hullum. Burnie Burns also co-wrote, co-produced and stars in the movie; which also costars Gavin Free, Michael Jones, Colton Dunn, Alexandria DeBerry and Alan Ritchson. It's the first feature film from Rooster Teeth Productions (which specializes in machinima); and they raised most of the budget for the movie, from a successful Indiegogo campaign. The story revolves around four incompetent losers, who are trained to save the world; when they accidentally stumble across a special alien power armor suit. I liked the special effects, and some of the humor, but ultimately I found it disappointing.

We learn, as the film opens, that Earth received a message, from peaceful aliens, decades earlier. After decoding it, we learned that we are going to be attacked, by evil aliens, and need to train someone to fight them. So a man, named Adam (Ritchson), is raised since birth, to be the 'Champion of Earth'. He will be sent a special 'power armor suit', by the peaceful aliens, to wear in battle. The ship containing the suit, is accidentally shot down, by four losers though. They then each become genetically attached, to different parts of the armor. So Earth's new plan, becomes to train these losers, to be 'Earth's champions'.

The movie kind of reminds me of the cult classic comedy flick 'SUPER TROOPERS'; except more geared towards kids. The film especially seems aimed at 'video game loving teenagers'. For that reason, I think a lot of the jokes are too silly, and somewhat forced. A lot of the performances are pretty weak as well (with a few exceptions). There is some witty commentary, about social media obsession though; and how it effects everyone's lives. The film also has some pretty cool looking special effects (as I said before), especially for such a low budget movie. It's not a complete waste of time, but it's nothing special either.

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Reviewed by timo-reichert-93 3 /10

Flat comedy - annoying characters

When I first saw the poster and the IMDb rating of 7 - I was impressed and couldn't wait to watch the movie. However, I'm really disappointed that the hype couldn't deliver.

Some people argue that the story of "lazer team" could have been written by a child. But this doesn't have to be a bad thing. I found the plot to be interesting. Only the execution was poorly done. Why?

First of all - the characters are boring and annoying. I understand that comedies kind of live from stereotypical over exaggerated persona. But this was too much.

Do you knows this feeling when you're watching a bad horror movie and you think to yourself:"No, don't go there. You'll be killed. No, dude - don't go there.Oh, he's dead..."

"Lazer Team" is similar to that. Very predictable, flat jokes, boring character development. If this were made by a Youtube channel and only aired on Youtube - I wouldn't complain. But as a real movie - "Lazer Team" is just not good enough.

Reviewed by angusiv 4 /10

Lifelong RT fan and this was just not it

I was very excited to watch Lazer Team, they've been talking about it on the podcast forever and it kept Michael Jones and Gavin Free from a few Achievement Hunter Let's Play's which I gladly dealt with in hopes that something funny was on the horizon for Rooster Teeth and it would all be worth it.

I was a paying sponsor for their website for a few years because I've received so many hours of entertainment from all of the content they produce and it felt like they deserved compensation for all the laughs delivered to millions worldwide.

I viewed the movie on January 28th at a Tugg fan event and the enthusiasm of the crowd was palpable. Many of the die hard fans (which I want to think I am)laughed at very juvenile jokes, or just when anybody they knew appeared on screen. All and well, I nor anybody else can dictate terms of laughter, but I knew I wasn't laughing. They had a few good lines in there that were truly funny, but creating a film, labeled as a comedy needs a bit more than sporadic enjoyment.

Most of the acting came off as wooden, which surprised me, these guys usually do very well on camera. Colten Dunn was his usual self (he's very funny in Superstore) and came across as the only character I believed. Fans have seen this writing team do better and any outsiders will instantly recognize this as a poor effort. Rooster Teeth is usually very creative and funny and this film won't change my opinion of their online content but I will definitely be more wary in the future when buying a ticket or subscribing to any services offering their newer content.

Don't let any of this stop you from watching the movie, preferably in a theater, yes it's out on the torrents after it hit Youtube Red, judge for yourself. It simply isn't funny and no matter how many dollars you donated to the crowd-sourced fundraiser, or episodes of Red vs Blue, or Let's Play's, or RWBY, or Rage Quit's, or podcasts you've absorbed from RT, they didn't bring any of that to this film.

I've read a lot of the reviews for this movie, many of the professional ones are nice and cite the "enthusiasm of the actors" for making this movie worth watching. It didn't translate to the movie I watched and I wish I had seen whatever they did, otherwise they're liars.

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