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Action / Horror / Sci-Fi



People are dying mysteriously and gruesomely, and nobody has a clue what the cause is. Only health worker Mike Brady has a possible solution, but his theory of killer slugs is laughed at by the authorities. Only when the body count begins to rise and a slug expert from England begins snooping around does it begin to look like Mike had the right idea after all.


Juan Piquer Simón


Michael Garfield
as Mike Brady
Kim Terry
as Kim Brady
Philip MacHale
as Don Palmer
Alicia Moro
as Maureen Watson
Concha Cuetos
as Maria Palmer
Emilio Linder
as David Watson

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 8 /10

Would make a perfect double feature paired with "Squirm".

From Juan Piquer Simon, the late, great director who also blessed genre fans with such unforgettable gems as "Pieces" and "Pod People", comes this ode to those slimy little animals, who have mutated and become carnivorous thanks to that old cinematic standby, toxic waste. The monsters start claiming victim after victim, and only a select few individuals are willing to do anything about the problem, including County Health Inspector Mike Brady (Michael Garfield).

Based on a novel by Shaun Hutson, and scripted by Ron Gantman, this movie is delicious...really. Who can see the scene with the lettuce and not feel hungry? "Slugs: The Movie" (named this way to avoid confusion with "Slugs: The Musical"?) is such good fun, and when watching it, it's hard to believe that Gantman, Simon, and company didn't have their tongues in their cheeks the whole time, what with the unrelenting delivery of so much priceless dialogue ("You ain't got the authority to declare Happy Birthday, not in this town!") and performances.

They also show their willingness to cast aside expectations in terms of one scene late in the game involving an attempted rape. One memorable sequence features two young lovers who get besieged by the titular killers, and the male of the pair quite prominently displays his backside for the camera. Of course, if you want a true highlight sequence, it has to be the one in the restaurant with the VERY unlucky David Watson (Emilio Linder), which is so very appropriately timed.

The gore and effects are quite fun to watch in this thing, and they're the work of Carlo De Marchis. The actors are all a hoot, especially Santiago Alvarez as John Foley, John Battaglia as Sheriff Reese, and prolific veteran Spanish actor Frank Brana in a brief cameo appearance.

Horror fans whose tastes include the silly & cheesy 80s material are sure to find this a real treat, right from its amusing beginning to its impressive conclusion where a lot of things blow up REAL good. It's 90 minutes worth of engaging nonsense.

Eight out of 10.

Reviewed by GoregirlsDungeon 7 /10

Slugs - So Bad, It's Good!

'Slugs' definitely qualifies for the so bad it's good category. If a film is going to be this bad, it better make me laugh and have some decent gore. Slugs delivers the bad-goods! It really is bad though. Painfully awful. Some of the worst dialog and acting I have ever come across. But damn if it didn't make me laugh so freaking hard my eyes were watering! In addition, it delivers some awesome scenes of gore and carnage that have to be seen to be believed. Slugs is classic shlocky, sleazy insanity that entertained me immensely.

I really summed it all up in my opening paragraph, but I cannot reiterate enough how often this film made me laugh. There is plenty of bad acting, but the character that gave me more laughs than anyone else was Sheriff Reese. He is an A-typical, too often portrayed, grizzled, hornery cop character, but is WAY over the top with it. I mean WAAAAAAAAAAAAY over the top! He pretty much shouts his entire dialog and what comes out of his mouth is so bloody funny, I am starting to giggle as I'm writing here. Honest to god, I don't laugh this hard at most comedies! It's not just the dialog, acting and story that are painfully bad, the music is also truly awful! The 'Slugs' theme is this cool screaming thing, but every other music choice is so bizarrely inappropriate it can't be ignored. You don't actually see the first couple of kills which had me petrified, but when the gore comes, it is nasty, exploitative 80's fun. At one point, a teenage girl slips and falls stark naked onto a floor teeming with slimy slugs and writhes about covered in the creatures, screaming on top of her lungs as they eat away at her, dislodging her eye from its socket. That is just one example of the fine slug-related deaths you will be treated to. Anyone who is familiar with Juan Piquer Simón's film 'Pieces' will already know the man loves his gore. If you liked that film, then you will surely get a kick out of 'Slugs'. Painfully bad dialog and acting that will have you howling, injected with a nice helping of gore, and copious shots of squirming, slimy, fat slugs! I think there is a very small section of the population that would enjoy this epic crapfest as much as I do. If that's you…enjoy the heck out of this one! Recommended!

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 /10

A satisfyingly scuzzy late 80's killer animal splatter-fest

Juan Piper Simon, that dependably shameless Spanish schlock shocker expert who blessed us with the staggeringly sleazy collegiate slasher swill "Pieces" and the horrendously lame pseudo-Lovecraft loser "Cthulhu Mansion," really outdoes himself with this flamboyantly foul, slimy, gore-soaked, grue-drenched, hell, flat-out outrageously splatteriffic bastardization of Shaun Hutson's sensationally squalid best-selling novel. A mutant strain of your average inveterate garden pests develop an insatiable craving for human flesh and subsequently start snacking on the deserving dipstick denizens of a heretofore dreary and uneventful snobby upstate New York suburb. The plot's every bit as trite and predictable as the above synopsis suggests. The cardboard cut-out characters are dull and nondescript. The performances from an uniformly atrocious cast are wooden enough to give your DVD player the TV equivalent to Dutch Elm disease. The dubbing simply stinks. Both the script and direction are very plodding and inept. However, the profoundly uncomfortable sense of unceasing, stomach-knotting vileness which permeates every last fetid frame of this gross, grimy, hideously ghastly fright flick makes it perversely enjoyable just the same. And the extravagantly gory'n'grody slug attack scenes certainly make this putrid picture a top-rate trashy winner. A poor handyman has to hack off his own hand with a hatchet after a slug crawls into his work glove. Another hapless fellow inadvertently eats a slug that somehow wound up in his salad (!) which later causes the guy's nose to bleed profusely into a glass of water and baby slugs to explode forth from his eyes. Two horny teens furiously fornicating their sweaty socks off get chomped in the nastiest example of celluloid coitus interruptus you are ever likely to witness in a killer mankind-munching carnivorous slug flick. Moreover, another little girl also gets graphically devoured and one luckless dude even falls into a sewer full of the murderous mollusks. Sure, this movie possesses no redeemable artistic attributes to speak of (and frankly who really cares about that pretentious high-falutin' nonsense?), but it's definitely so laughably bad and shoddy (not to mention downright ridiculous) that it overall cuts it as a good deal of righteously gruesome and lovably ludicrous cheeseball creature feature fun.

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