Don't Kill It (2016) torrent download

Don't Kill It


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror



When an ancient demon is accidentally unleashed in a sparsely populated Mississippi town of Chickory Creek, their only hope of survival lies in the hands of a grizzled old demon hunter Jebediah Woodley and his reluctant partner FBI agent Evelyn Pierce.


Mike Mendez


Dolph Lundgren
as Jebediah Woodley
James Chalke
as Pastor Erikson
Kristina Klebe
as Agent Evelyn Pierce
Billy Slaughter
as Agent Jackson
Miles Doleac
as Deacon Shepard
Elissa Dowling
as sexy demon

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Delrvich 8 /10

I enjoyed it.

It wasn't perfect, by any means, and Dolph Lundgren carries this film, but, I was kept entertained. It was almost like ASH VS EVIL DEAD meets I COME IN PEACE.

Sure, it was a little rough around the edges having a demon with extremely limited vocabulary but able to communicate physically which got a little tiresome, but Dolph's struggle to catch it jumping from person-to-person added a comedic effect.

Also, the small town ambiance made up for lack of a big budget, sort of like, THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN or THE ZODIAC KILLER. And, it didn't take itself too seriously either.

Reviewed by randibee 7 /10

Bloody fun!

As a horror genre fan...I really liked this film. The plot is hard to swallow and the acting by Dolph Lundgren was almost robotic but Anyone who enjoys a good splatter fest will like this film. I gave this film a 7 just for the bloody good special effects alone. Dolphs Texas swag left me saying...What in tarnation? But in a good way. I recommend this to fans of the horror/splatter genre.

Reviewed by phanthinga 7 /10

Bloody fun time

It been such a long time since i enjoy a good Dolph Lundgren movie that not staring him as a one man army but instead a sleazy demon hunter in this movie Don't Kill It.For a B-movie this is the best example you could get with a horrible script full of plot holes and corny dialogues,a ton of bloody gory action screen enough to satisfied any horror fan out there.Beside all that the rest of the cast also did a fantastic job when they introduce many interesting and wacky characters with the highlight is the on-screen charm of Dolph Lundgren and Kristina Klebe.The movie is not mean to be taken seriously so just go to see it with a open mind

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