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Soul Harvest


Action / Horror / Thriller



To escape their marital problems, a young family travels from the city to spend the summer in Amish Country where a malevolent presence grips them. They soon discover that they were brought there for a reason and they must break free before the demonic hold consumes them.


Ivan Kraljević

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Reviewed by wandernn1-81-683274 3 /10

Weird. And What Did I Miss?

I kinda got the story of what was happening and what had happened but somewhere along the line I missed the point of all of it? Was there a point? Maybe there really wasn't a point to miss? I'm not sure. And since I'm not sure if there was one I cannot recommend. Also the film is not scary at ALL. So a definite minus on that front. The only thing about this worth anything really was the music in it was alright. And that's just background music, nothing really overwhelming there but an excuse to say something in the movie was alright.

Reviewed by parry_na 6 /10

Decent 'folk horror.'

After a prologue that is almost sunk by some uncertain acting, the film proper begins with Dinah (Elena Caruso) and Jake (Chris Conner) attempting to patch up their marriage by moving to Amish country. Inevitably, they bring with them their two young children. But worry not - no petulant brats here: Steven (Noah Headley) and Michaela (Accalia Quintana) are appealing, especially the little girl, whose genuine delight about the wide open spaces in their new home becomes something else entirely as the story moves on.

This low budget feature is, however, possibly too restrained in its imagery. Happy to be creepy rather than terrifying, that's fair enough - Director Ivan Kraljevic at least resists the monotony of constant jump-scares few films feel they could do without.

What we have is an enjoyable slow-burner that dips more than one toe into the 'folk horror' category. The nature of the horror, together with the location and the family's new neighbours provide a different spin on things. This, together with genuinely sympathetic characters, makes a superficially tame production worth seeing.

Reviewed by andrea_martin 7 /10

Eerie Creepy Flick

I like this movie, I wouldn't call it a traditional horror film but it is really eerie though. The movie was shot exceptionally well, it doesn't look like a low budget movie. There were some really beautiful sweeping shots of Amish country, which was the perfect setting for such a creepy tale. I didn't jump out of my seat, which is fine by me because I hate those types of cheap scares. There was definitely some stand out acting performances as well – I thought the kids were great. There is one scene with the little girl that has really stayed with me - totally creepy. The father character was good too, and then there was all of the Amish characters, they were good and they looked spot on.

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