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Action / Biography / Documentary / Drama / Sport



The story of Bruce McLaren, the New Zealander who founded the McLaren Motor Racing team. A man who showed the world that a man of humble beginnings could take on the elite of motor racing and win.


Roger Donaldson


Dwayne Cameron
as Bruce McLaren
Dan Gurney
as Himself
Matt Coldrick
as English Doctor

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by garethcrook 8 /10

A wealth of archive footage brings this documentary to life.

A wealth of archive footage brings this documentary to life. The excitement of motor racing roaring from the screen. It's primal, simple, honest and very informative. Packed with all the charm of the era, Sixties swing and pure engineering dedicated to power with little thought for safety. It's lovingly put together and worth watching for the 1967 Can-Am race at Mossport alone. The highs were phenomenal. The lows, crushing. Bruce McLarens story is quite something and this really does it justice.

Reviewed by scarlettdave 10 /10


Personally I haven't raced in about 20 years, but this film got me to dig up some old polaroid's of a McLaren MK8 I have that was for sale long ago.

It surprises me that Universal has put out this movie as it probably has a limited audience, but it's so well done I hope it does. Intermixed with current restored McLaren's the documentary is a mix of past period videos, photos, and interviews, with good acting from the cast.

The dialog and comments from all the racing greats are terrific and there's details that few may know about this man and those around him. I was at the Mosport race that is highlighted and it was well documented here. Really enjoyable with a tough ending.

Reviewed by azeemnavarro 7 /10

Quite good!

Recommended, even if you're not an F1 lover. The good edition and punctual comments by the cast make this documentary a passionate review of the life of the legendary Bruce McLaren.

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