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Beyond Skyline


Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller



Mark Corley is a Los Angeles police detective who visits his estranged teenage son, Trent, having landed in jail due to brawling just as an alien invasion begins and the entire population of the city is sucked into various spaceships by the blue light. Mark leads a group of surviving humans through the underground subway tunnels to try to escape from the various aliens. (Wikipedia)


Liam O'Donnell

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Reviewed by procletnic 6 /10

Could have been much better

I'm a fan of the first Skyline. I thought it was a well made alien movie that had some mystique to it and an unique ending. Unfortunately, Beyond Skyline takes the most interesting ideas from the first part and completely obliterates them in the most profane way possible.

The first half of Beyond Skyline is pretty good. The main characters are introduced in a very clichéd manner but I don't think that will bother the audience. Once we peek inside the alien ship things start to get really interesting. This is where the film really shines. Lots of special effects, lots of cool environments and lots of "what the *beep* are those things" moments. It really builds up a nice momentum and keeps you interested. But by the time the movie is half way through, things start to take a turn for the worse. The plot starts to get lazy, the characters start to behave oddly and the whole thing starts to fall apart. It is if the screenwriter decided "*beep* it, I'm going all in on this shit" and just destroyed the carefully crafted momentum from the first part of the movie. This is done in a gradual but heavy handed manner.

By the time the movie reaches it final stages, you're not going to care for it anymore. Why? Because the mystique is gone and because the mighty aliens are now being slaughtered in melee combat by some very vulnerable humans. But nothing can rival the final 5 minutes of the movie. You thought slaughtering aliens in heavy armor with knives was over the top? You haven't seen anything yet!

All in all, the movie is quite entertaining but it could have been much better. I feel the story could have worked if the movie had more time to develop it in a natural way. In its current form it just feels rushed and quite frankly stupid. Nevertheless, I feel Beyond Skyline deserves a watch and would recommend it to sci-fi fans.

Reviewed by undeaddt 6 /10

Some crazy alien stuff going on here !

I can't say that I liked the movie, but I also can't say that I did not like it. Why ? Because there is a reason to like it and not to like it. I like it for the ambition put in this project, the hard work, the visuals, the actors and everything. There were parts from the alien scenery I really did like. Put I do not like the pile of plot holes that are everywhere in this movie and unlogical things that happen so often, it makes the movie even funny at some point. I gave it a 6 just because of the hard work, otherwise, 5/10

Reviewed by madameminty 7 /10

Surprisingly entertaining, again

I liked Skyline (2010). It had a lot of action, interesting style (blue/red light, which I interpreted as something the characters don't actually see), and despite not being particularly smart like Arrival (2016) it was engaging until the ending I found very satisfying. I'm honestly surprised about most reviewers who seem to have expected a different genre altogether and were disappointed the characters aren't as deep as they think they are ;)

Beyond Skyline is simply more of the same, and I mean it. After it neatly blends with the original, it escalates the action, offers more of the same style (might be a tad too much, though), still not very intelligent yet avoids being unforgivably silly, and even delivers an ending I couldn't be happier about. It tries to avoid the mistakes of the first movie, like characterisation or dialogue, but it's debatable whether it worked. Definitely supplements the original and makes the series better than the sum of its parts.

In short, it's a lot like Independence Day (1996), much better than the sequel (2016) and provides a nice alternative to it.

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