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Action / Adventure / Crime / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller



It has been over a decade since Jigsaw died. However, after a new series of murders occurs, police find themselves chasing after the original Jigsaw Killer - John Kramer. Could John Kramer still be alive or is another killer out there with a different motive?


Michael Spierig


Matt Passmore
as Logan Nelson
Tobin Bell
as John Kramer / Jigsaw
Callum Keith Rennie
as Detective Halloran
Hannah Anderson
as Eleanor Bonneville
Clé Bennett
as Keith Hunt

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jctreasurer-684-881708 3 /10

WHAT Happened here? AWFUL


This movie is bad. There's no other way to say it. The acting is terrible, the direction is terrible, the script is terrible, the pacing is terrible and the "twist" and traps are all...you guessed it...terrible.

The original 7 SAW movies built a rich story of a man seeking a higher purpose for the relatively short time he had left on the planet. This story was woven with layer after layer of twists and turns that actually piggy-backed off of each other to leave the viewer with really good WOW moments...for instance:

When we find out that the victim with the key under his eye in SAW 2 was operated on by Dr Gordon, THAT MAKES SENSE...because Gordon WAS a surgeon. When we learn that Hoffman is also an apprentice, THAT MAKES SENSE because there is manpower required to move and hang victims that a bed ridden Jigsaw and 80 pound Amanda couldn't have.

This movie, introducing ANOTHER apprentice and giving ZERO reason why he's never mentioned in the SEVEN other movies is absolutely insane. I'm sure someone will point out "But, he was the guy who mixed up the X-rays!"...uh...OK...except, mixed up X-rays are never talked about in any of the SEVEN other movies...even in the later movies where we get the bulk of Kramer's story, we are told that he knew he had cancer and the reason he wasn't operated on is because his insurance denied him for "pre-existing conditions".

Another thing that drove me NUTS about this movie is this: when the people make it past the part where the chains are initially released from around their necks, they go right for the LOCKED DOOR...when the barn they're in is rickety as HECK and you can clearly see that the boards holding it together are quite far apart, old and could, most likely, be broken through with ANY of the farm tools that are just lying around. I mean, COME ON. They try and show, later, that old PigFace is stalking them, making sure that they finish the game but, at this point, there are THREE players still left, in relatively good shape and, if all of them grabbed an axe, Pick, shovel and broke through the side of the dang barn, they could take on whoever came at them together.

Also, the "new Jigsaw"...Jesus Christ. Please, PLEASE don't let this guy come back to the series...he's an awful actor, has a crap backstory and absolutely ZERO charisma. If he's supposed to be the guy to lead the series forward...wow. Just...wow.

Lastly...the traps are the reason that people watch these movies and the "traps" in this movie are utter trash. No originality. Not "cool". Not twisted. Just lame and more lame.

Please don't let these brothers anywhere near this franchise again. For the love of god.

Reviewed by ABCloverLane 4 /10

Slick and stylish, but ultimately disappointing

Since the Saw franchise is one of my biggest guilty pleasures when it comes to horror, I've been hoping for a new installment ever since The Final Chapter was supposed to end the franchise back in 2010. Even though the movies got progressively worse, there is something about this franchise that always draws me back and makes me want to re-watch it.

I had high expectations for Jigsaw because of two reasons: one, the producers stated in an interview that they were offered more than a hundred scripts for a new movie from different writers, but had never been pleased with any of them until they discovered a script so good, which ultimately got picked to be adapted; second, the Spierig brothers, Jigsaw's directors, had previously directed Predestination, such a smart and enticing sci-fi time- travel movie that I liked quite a lot.

After seeing Jigsaw, I left the theater disappointed. I'll start with what I enjoyed:

The score by Charlie Clouser is just as fabulous as it has always been and manages to go in line perfectly with each scene.

The performances didn't bother me at all, although none of the actors really gets to shine. Laura Vandervoort and Paul Braunstein stood out here, with the latter generating some funny moments worthy of admiration.

The direction was very polished and the movie was competently filmed, but the Spierig brothers weren't given much to show their creativity on. This leads me to the negatives.

The CGI is very good. There is, however, one scene in which I was feeling as if I was watching one of the most recent Resident Evil movies and that didn't really work for me.

What I didn't like:

The ideas in this movie and its overall plot are somewhat underdeveloped. I know that this is supposed to be a new "beginning" for these movies, but as a franchise starter, I wanted more to be explored. The plot falls flat because the movie cuts from scene to scene so swiftly and tries to cram multiple narratives into 85 minutes, that ultimately none of them makes an impact.

Saw is known for its visceral traps and torture devices, so I was looking forward to seeing more of that. However, the game presented in this movie has next to no memorable traps. That is because they are a lot tamer than what we've seen before and they simply can't hold a candle to all the ingenious traps from the past movies.

The character development is another issue in this movie. The characters are so uni-dimensional, with some of them being there only to fill the screen. And I'm referring to some of the main casting here. Also, character arcs are left unfinished and the movie felt like it ended when the most important part of the story was about to happen.

The editing undermines what could've been some very suspenseful scenes because of its sloppiness, by cutting from one narrative (the game) to the other (the investigation) at random moments.

Now, it all comes down to the twist. Was it good and unexpected? Well, no, not really. It's not necessarily because you can predict it from miles away (for which the movie offers hints throughout the run-time) due to its small set of characters, but because it had no resonance for me. It didn't blow me away and you could've predicted it from the marketing of the movie alone. Just like with the traps, it just doesn't have the same visceral feel as the past movies and it doesn't really make you crave for the release of the next chapter.

Overall, Jigsaw sets itself apart from the previous movies in the series with the help of the two directors who manage to make the movie look stylish and slick, but ultimately, it doesn't succeed in creating the sense of urgency that some of the old movies had and, sadly, disappoints on almost every other level. And yes, there are fan-service moments, but as a fan of this franchise, I felt very little excitement when they happened.

Hopefully, if the movie does well in terms of box office, the sequel will improve upon this franchise "reinvention".

Reviewed by mikesnppr 4 /10


Very disappointing. Not only they rehashed many ideas from the previous movies, but the final reveal was also done SEVERAL times in the previous saws.

I won't go into details because of spoilers, but every time some plot twist happened in the movie I was like "Wait, they already did that in Saw X". In fact, I since I saw all the Saws (pun intended) I was able to correctly guess what the final reveal will be because like I said, they already done it before.

And most of the traps were just plain dumb, some of them giving a lot of room for cheating, which broke the immersion for me, because the "gamers" were acting like idiots who for some reason switched their brains off and walked into them like sheep. Other traps required pretty much clairvoyance from the Jigsaw, because to set up them the way they went, he would have to see the fricking future.

Early Saws used to be great, but this movie, and several previous ones, are just plain bad and the franchise needs to be put to rest at this point. And if the decide to make another one, just don't rehash the same stuff over and over and over again.

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