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Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror



A 15 year old girl becomes intimately acquainted to a town in California after being released from prison.


Jena Serbu

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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 /10

dumb white girl problems

15 year old delinquent skater girl Freddie (Joey King) leaves suburban San Diego to join Nick and his group of petty criminal druggies. When a needle is found in the van by LAPD, she takes the fall and in short order, she gets released from jail. It's a rough neighborhood and she skirts danger every step of the way. Meanwhile, Nick is trying to close a deal with Donny.

This is trying to be quirky indie but mostly, it comes off as quirky lowlife stupid. Freddie is suppose to be a smartass but she's not so smart. I don't blame Joey King whom I hope for better things. It's all in the writing. Freddie has no common sense or any sense for that matter. She's written as a smart character who does dumb things. She is too annoying and too self-destructive to root for. Joey King can't play dumb anyways. This could still work as a night road trip through LA but the movie keeps going back to Nick, Donny, and the rest of them. As flawed as Freddie is, Joey King is still compelling enough to make this work but Jena Serbu doesn't know where is the best part of the story.

Reviewed by plato-42119 3 /10

Strong performance by Joey King ruined by Jena Serbu's asinine writing


So the protagonist, 15 y/o "Freddy" brings together two rival gangs, one of which wanted to gang rape her until she escaped, to rob another passing stranger that wronged her. And this after walking all night. And witnessing a murder and multiple shootings. And smoking crack for the first time.

Jena Serbu's the one smoking crack.

Reviewed by jjparish 1 /10

Like a terrible modern version of Scorsese's After Hours.

But set in California. Without any wit, heart or humor. But with a lead actress so terribly miscast you can almost see her wanting to apologize after every F bomb she drops. We follow her over one night trying to navigate her way around various gangland/underworld perils to get back to the safety of her drug dealing pals. She gets involved in lots of nefarious druggy activities which are all blandly scripted and ludicrous to watch. You need to have an actor who goes at this film full throttle. And with this script that means nudity, a convincing nastiness to their character and someone who knows how to smoke and take drugs realistically on screen. Former teen nickleodeon star joey king is not that actress. This film is an utter failure. Even the casual violence and constant racial insults and slurs became boring to watch after about 15 minutes. By 20 minutes in i was aching to turn this off. But somehow i stuck it out to the end.

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