From the director of Generation Iron, comes the anticipated sequel that will depict 5 of the top bodybuilding and fitness mega-stars on a quest of achieving the ultimate physique and taking it to the next extreme level. In the world of social media and internet, the rules have changed as to what makes an iconic bodybuilding mass-monster. Starring Kai Greene, Calum Von Moger, Rich Piana, among others, this film will explore an all new generation of bodybuilders and how this new world, and new people, carve their own path to physique perfection.


Vlad Yudin

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Reviewed by dreamwalk1986 3 /10

Generation Fail

The first generation iron was brilliant (see my review on that) but this one, is a joke.

It just seems thrown together without good characters, following their struggles and journey and has nothing interesting about it, don't waste your time and I can only hope generation iron 3 is better.

Go watch the first, pumping iron, born strong or something similar.

Reviewed by markoacamovic 6 /10

Bodybuilding, muscles and bussines - movie in three words

It's really interesting even for somebody who's watching bodybuilding scere for some time. I like that you hear opion of the best bodybuilders of the past and present. The point of view of somebody who was bodybuilder in 60's is totally diferent than bodybuilders that are still active. You will get here lots of interesting informations about how long can be career of pro bodybuilder or how much are currently social media important for bodybuilding world and in the promotion whole trend of bodybuilding. This documentary will be for sure interesting for anybody and i recommend this for everybody. See ya at other review Marko

Reviewed by LogicIsEverything N/A

Well, the feeling is not quite right

Watching these guys pumping iron like crazy trying so hard to build their muscles in this film really made me feel very uncomfortable. These men and women just looked so unnatural, they seemed to turn themselves into some kind of a "New Species", a badly deformed "Creature". Carrying so much flesh on a regular bone structure is such a heavy burden, that's why almost all of them walked in a weird way, their feet didn't grow out of portion like their other body parts, so they all looked very weird too.

In this film, we also found out that the related body building organization wanted to develop its market in the middle east, so they awarded a middle east guy as the champion who stood beside the tall and old Arnold, just looked like a midget and an ugly dude. There's nothing desirable, nice, pretty, muscular, aesthetic whatsoever, only abnormal deformity, lot of unnatural lumps and thick veins all over the body these people called muscles. I've never found so many ugly men and women; especially the "women" in an 1hr. 46mins film. No wonder the guy said in the final segment, "It's not as popular as in the 60's", that's indeed like an inevitable fact and trend.

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