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Action / Comedy



In 1977, two respected scientists, Ben Morin and his wife Catherine quit their jobs at the university to conduct an experiment they think will revolutionize our understanding of human identity. The project aims to raise three children contrarily to their genetic predispositions to prove the ultimate power of nurture over nature. They want to prove that everyone has the same potential to become anything. Maya, a newborn girl adopted from two feebleminded parents, is raised to be smart, while Maurice, a newborn boy adopted from two anger-prone parents, is raised to be a pacifist. Finally, their own biological son Luke, who comes from a long lineage of scientific brains, is raised to become a revered artist. The experiment will reveal little scientific truth, but rather lead Ben and Catherine to discover the true value of family.


Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais


Toni Collette
as Catherine
Fionnula Flanagan
as Mrs. Tridek
Suzanne Clément
as Dr. Julie Bouchard

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexpoleshuk 5 /10

It's watchable but not good.

This movie is a pale imitation of a Wes Anderson film. It has an interesting premise with good actors, but ultimately come out flat.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 2 /10

wrong as a comedy

In 1977, scientists Ben Morin (Matthew Goode) and his wife Catherine (Toni Collette) want to prove the dominance of nurture over nature, influenced by their own childhood experiences. They are having a baby and propose to have him raised by artists parents. With two other babies, they chose them to be also raised to be their biological opposites.

After watching Three Identical Strangers, this would have a difficult time as a comedy. Instead of quirky, this may work as a dark drama. Its quirkiness is desperate to be funny which only makes the disturbing concepts even more off-putting. Also it's hard to remember the individual children's nature vs nurture changes. They don't become real 3-D characters. It seems highly unscientific to put them all together in the same place. There's nothing to prevent them from influencing each other. I can't laugh at this couple and I can't laugh with this movie. It's trying for something that is never going to work.

Reviewed by jacmtl-08532 2 /10

A really poor script destroys an interesting concept

Others in this string have pointed out, justifiably, how much this film tries to catch the tone of a Wes Anderson film - and fails quite badly. When a film is pretty much wall-to-wall narration, you know that the writers simply could not find their way into the story. The first 10 minutes are pure, raw exposition - mostly about the past of the parents - information that is supposed to by dryly ironic and funny - it is neither. After laying so much expositional pipe, the writers then proceed to ignore the emotional heart of the story - the children. They labour under the false impression that this is a story about the parents (they can't even decide on which parent is the actual protagonist!) almost completely overlooking the far, far richer ground offered by the kids. The nature/nurture debate is barely dramatized - instead, we are presented a series of more-or-less discrete episodic events that never accrete to form as world we can accept and believe in. There is never a really, deeply felt and earned moment of self realisation on the part of the parents - no, "OMG, what have we done!" moment that would at least redeem them somewhat. But this does not deter the filmmakers from forcing a completely unearned moment of reconciliation at the end when the family is momentarily reunited at the kid's private school and watch, gormless and idiotically, as their family history of warm intimate moments unspools in one of the son's film project. Didn't the director understand that these moments, or at least some of them, had to have been seen prior to this moment? Didn't he realized that we, as an audience, had to live through at least some of these good times in order for the little home movie to mean something to us? The screenplay is truly awful - poorly structured, much too reliant on voice-over, lingers far too long on irrelevant and redundant exposition and never gets under the skin of the characters. the greatest fault is perhaps that the filmmakers could never decide who story they wanted to tell. What is worst for English Quebec cinema is that the filmmakers had everything they needed to be successful: a great cast, a committerd producer, lovely cinematography, beautiful locations - they just forgot to bring the essentials; imagination and a script doctor who would have put them right. This is a poor sophomore feature effort from the team who did the spare but excellent "Whitewash."

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