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Action / Sci-Fi



'Genesis' is the third feature from British writing and directing duo Bart Ruspoli & Freddie Hutton-Mills. The first in a sci-fi trilogy, 'Genesis' explores the nature of free will and what it means to be human, against a post apocalyptic backdrop where the remnants of mankind attempt to create A.I. to save them from extinction. The film stars John Hannah (The Mummy trilogy, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Olivia Grant (Stardust, Indian Summers), Warren Brown (Strike Back, Luther) and Chike Okonkwo (The Birth of a Nation, Being Mary Jane).


Bart Ruspoli


Olivia Grant
as Dr. Eve Gabriel
John Hannah
as Paul Brooks
Warren Brown
as Ainsley
Ed Stoppard
as President Pope
Rick Warden
as Dr Albert Smith

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsvp321 1 /10

Turn the sound off...and the video, only then will you enjoy this.

Captivating for the first five minutes, and rapidly downhill from there.

I watched it to the last minute only so I could fairly rate this stinker.

Rating: Stinker!

Reviewed by darthseth 2 /10

Why bother?

It seemed like they wanted to make a movie that asked big ethical questions about humanity and AI. Unfortunately, it also seemed like no one involved in the writing process had even a rudimentary grasp of ethics. At no point could any character be bothered to even attempt to distinguish between murder and self-defense or act like the distinction might change the appropriate ethical response. Other than that it was generally just a mess of mediocrity.

Reviewed by midge56 4 /10

Needs new director & new scriptwriter

First; I don't like the new star rating system. I liked it better when they picture the number of stars. Not one star with text for rating.

This movie is in serious need of a new director & screen writer. They fixated too much on the bad air & endless wasted shots of people running through it with failing hazmat suits. Not once did anyone bother to fix the com system between the hazmat suits and their command center or the suits continuous degradation. Yet they have no problem reading the suit integrity data which showed the shelter command had contact but didn't let the people outside be heard. Probably deliberate but no one bothered to check the problem.

Then there was the raving & rioting of the minions and the political backstabbing & brutal military not following orders. I'm really sick of violence & loudmouths. They need to focus on the story & character interaction for a change. That's what made Star Trek so popular. The character formula & fresh scifi space stories.

Let us not forget the Androids on this movie who decided humans weren't worth saving. Then there was the totally unnecessary scene of the rioters burning their leader alive while his backstabbing assistant survived. We don't need to see people burned alive or an hour of people choking on poisonous atmosphere in every scene.

This movie also needs better audio. They need to do some major overhauls in personnel before making another movie. This one could also use a better name.

You'll get sick of the running in poison gas with failing suits which is the very first scene & ridiculously long & monotonous. Then the same type of scenes repeated every 10 minutes. I also found it unbelievable that they had no idea of the status & locations of other shelters, and little detail on how they got that way. I fast forwarded it the first time & finally want back & rewatched the entire film.

I cannot recommend it.

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