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Devil's Possessed


Action / Adventure / Horror



An evil ruler uses witchcraft and evil spirits to keep his subjects in line, but the his reign of terror prompts the people to revolt.


León Klimovsky


Paul Naschy
as Barón Gilles de Lancré
Norma Sebré
as Georgelle
Guillermo Bredeston
as Gaston de Malebranche
Eduardo Calvo
as Simon de Braqueville

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 5 /10

Adventure , horror and ¨sword and witchery ¨ based on the historic character Gilles De Rais

It's an adventure/action movie with sensationalistic scenes , Naif style and lots of blood , swordplay and witchery .Dark Ages , Gilles De Lancre (Paul Naschy) , former Mariscal of France , brave chief and courageous warrior is now a vengeful lord , helped by his nasty underling Sille (Mariano Vidal Molina) and his beautiful lover Georgel(Norma Sebre) . He falls into Occultist practices and spend his money looking the philosopher's stone by means of alchemy . A prisoner is beheaded and Gilles pronounces a curse against his enemies , meanwhile he continues a murderous rampage . Gilles longing for power and for his ambition on French crown , then he carries out criminal rampage . He commits ominous killings and injustices against his vassals . Gilles takes on Gaston of Malebranche who previously was under his command . As a valiant group of rebels (Guillermo Bredeston , Luis Induni) sheltered in woods -such as Robin Hood and his Merrymen- fight against the tyrant .

This terrifying exploitation picture displays adventures , fencing with bounds and leaps ,necromancy , grisly killing, satanism and lots of blood . B-entertainment with a fairly adventuring and horrifying story in which a prestigious Mariscal of France turns into craziness and undergoes a cruel slaughter . This tale about countrymen who are attacked by the malevolent knight begins well and grows more and more until a spectacular finale with duels and exciting fencing . Revolting, horrible scenes and nasty images take place on decapitation , and bloody murders with axes and arrows .The movie has a bit of ridiculous gore with loads of blood similar to tomato and is occasionally an engaging ¨sword and sorcery¨ movie full of thrilling sequences , witchery , beheading , and several other things . Sensationalistic and exaggerated performance of Paul Naschy or Jacinto Molina . It packs a colorful cinematography by Francisco Sanchez and atmospheric musical score . Filmed in location on Aldea del Fresno, Madrid, Belmonte, Cuenca, Castilla-La Mancha,Pelayos De la Presa, Seseña, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Talamanca del Jarama, Madrid, Spain. The late Naschy was a good professional , writing, filmmaking and acting about hundred titles , mainly in terror genre. ¨Marshall of Hell¨ is written by Molina along with 21 screenplays as ¨Mark of Wolfman¨, ¨Night of Walpurgis¨, ¨Vengeance of the mummy¨, ¨Licantropo¨, among them . He directed 13 films as ¨The Cantabros¨, ¨Return of Wolfman¨, ¨The Beast and the magic sword¨ and several others. Years later , Naschy goes back with a similar character named Alaric De Marnac role in the film titled ¨Horror rises from the tomb¨ and ¨Panic beats¨ that acted , produced , wrote and directed in his peculiar style . This Spanish-Argentinian co-production is regularly directed by Leon Klimovsky . Rating: 5,5 . The flick will appeal to Jacinto Molina fans and Euroterror buffs .

The picture is based on historical character Gilles De Rais , the actual events are the following : Rais served as a commander in the Royal Army, distinguishing himself by displaying reckless bravery on the battlefield during the renewal of the Hundred Years War. In 1429, he fought along with Joan of Arc in some of the campaigns waged against the English and their Burgundian allies. He was present with Joan when the Siege of Orléans . In his confession Gilles maintained the first assaults on children occurred between spring 1432 and spring 1433. The first murders occurred at Champtocé-Sur-Loire; however, no account of these murders survives. Shortly after, Gilles moved to Machecoul where, as the record of his confession states, he killed, or ordered to be killed, a great but uncertain number of children after he committed sodomy upon them. Forty bodies were discovered in Machecoul in 1437. Gilles' body-servant Étienne Corrillaut, known as Poitou, was an accomplice in many of the crimes and testified that his master hung his victims with ropes from a hook . Taking the victim down, Rais comforted the child and assured him he only wanted to play with him. Gilles then either killed the child himself or had the child slain by his cousin Gilles de Sillé, Poitou or another body-servant called Henriet. The victims were killed by decapitation, cutting of their throats, dismemberment, or breaking of their necks with a stick . Rais's prosecution would be on charges which included murder, sodomy, and heresy. The precise number of Gilles' victims is not known, as most of the bodies were burned or buried. The number of murders is generally placed between 80 and 200; a few have conjectured numbers upwards of 600. The victims ranged in age from six to eighteen and included both sexes.Execution by hanging and burning was set and Gilles and his two accomplices made their way in procession to the place of execution on the Ile De Biesse. There, Gilles addressed the throng of onlookers with contrite piety, and exhorted Henriet and Poitou to die bravely and think only of salvation. Gilles' request to be the first to die had been granted the day before. The brush at the platform was set afire and Rais was hanged. His body was cut down before being consumed by the flames and claimed by "four ladies of high rank" for burial. Henriet and Poitou were executed in similar fashion; their bodies however were reduced to ashes in the flames and then scattered.

Reviewed by Witchfinder-General-666 4 /10

Not The Great Late Paul Naschy's Finest Hour

I tend to love everything the great late Paul Naschy (R.I.P.) ever was in. While not all films starring Naschy are great, they all have a specific charm that can be found nowhere but in Naschy-flicks, and they are always entertaining. There is no rule without exception, however, as "El Mariscal Del Infierno" aka. "The Devil's Possessed" (1974) proves. While the film does have the specific Naschy-flick-charm, it sadly drags far too much and gets really, really dull in-between. Naschy stars as the evil Baron Gilles De Lancré, who oppresses the people and uses black magic and bloody rituals to stay in power. When Gaston de Malebranche (Guillermo Bredeston), who fought side by side with Gilles De Lancré against the British, learns about the Baron's evil behavior, he decides to turn against his former comrade in arms and help the people free themselves from the satanic Baron's tyranny...

Directed by León Klimovsky, who is best known for directing Naschy in "La Noche De Walpurgis" ("The Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Woman", 1971), the film was scripted by Naschy himself. Naschy often scripted his own films, and one must say that he mostly did a better, more original job than it is the case here. "El Mariscal Del Infierno" is mostly built up as a historical adventure rather than a Horror film, and it gets quite boring throughout the middle. It often resembles the Sword and Sandal films from the 50s, only that this film is set in medieval times. The Satanic part was probably only added because the great Paul Naschy's name is linked to the Horror genre. The film has its good parts: Paul Naschy giving weird speeches, Paul Naschy looking weird, Paul Naschy doing Satanic stuff, Paul Naschy torturing innocent victims, etc. But sadly, most of the film concentrates on the boring hero and the good guys, and these moments are boring. The female cast members are nice to look at, but, unlike most Naschy films, this one features no nudity and sleaze. There is some gore, but it mostly looks clumsy and isn't as fun too look at as it is the case with most other Naschy films. Overall, "El Mariscal Del Infierno" is only worth a look for my fellow Naschy-enthusiasts. There are dozens of films starring the Spanish Horror deity which should be seen before this one, such as "El Jorobado De La Morgue" ("The Hunchback of the Morgue", 1973), "La Orgia De Los Muertos" ("The Hanging Woman", 1973), "El Espanto Surge De La Tumba" ("Horror Rises From The Tomb", 1973), "Latidos De Panico" ("Panic Beats", 1983), "Rojo Sangre" (2004), or any of the 'Waldemar Daninsky' werewolf films. R.I.P. Paul Naschy. Legends never die!

Reviewed by BloodTheTelepathicDog 3 /10

One of Paul Naschy's Worst Efforts

Paul Naschy, werewolf of Spain and worldwide horror icon thanks to DVD, has done a bevy of great work--but this isn't among his finest outings. This movie centers on two war heroes who have returned from their fight, Naschy and Guillermo Bredeston. While Paul was away, his sexy bride (Norma Sebre) employed an alchemist and adopted the black arts. She persuades Naschy to engage in the dark doings as well and soon he begins sacrificing virgins to Satan in an effort to rule the world.

Guillermo, as Gaston, who saved Naschy's life in battle, sees the transformation of his battle buddy and isn't pleased. Naschy has effectively planted the seed of terror throughout the kingdom and the master swordsman can only be beaten by an uprising led by Gaston, his military equal. Gaston, in great Robin Hood fashion, leads a revolt against the devil-worshipping Baron Naschy in order to quell the fears of the people.

STORY: $$ (As with most of these Spanish horror films we, US film viewers, don't know what all has been cut for editing purposes. Be that as it may, this story has many flaws that editing had little to do with. At times Paul struggles with his satanic dealings and a great inner conflict could have been had there, but the writers fail to deliver. Naschy hears the voices of dead women and children he has killed but we only get one such seen late in the film. This leads him to make a pilgrimage to cleanse his soul but he decides to slaughter monks instead. The alchemy touch in the script was wanting as well. You'll scratch your head too much in this film).

ACTING: $$$ (The acting is okay across the board. Naschy makes a much better werewolf that aristocrat but he gets decent support from Guillermo Bredeston as Gaston. The two actors were well cast as opposites. Paul has that dark quality which contrasted quite well with Guillermo's more stereotypical heroic looks. Norma Sebre shines as Paul's twisted wife who lures him to do the Devil's bidding with promises of world domination. It's easy to see why Paul went along with the schemes--Norma Sebre is quite exquisite).

NUDITY: None (However, the version I viewed was clearly edited--from the Mill Creek PURE TERROR 50 MOVIE PACK, so there might be some skin in another version of the film. Norma Sebre is nice to look at and in an unedited version she might offer skin. There is probably also some virgin sacrifice nudity in unedited versions but what struck me as odd was Paul had to sacrifice seven virgins to the Devil but he he sexually assaults all the virgins first. Perhaps they weren't as pure after Paul invited them to his chamber).

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